Oman-based actress wins prestigious award in India

September 10, 2019

Priya Menon, once a teacher at the Indian School Muscat, who chased her passion and followed the limelight of the cine world, bagged the Best Actress (in humorous role) by Asianet TV channel for her serial Vanambadi. 

The award is one of the most sought-after in south India. Priya was also recently honoured in Muscat with the 2nd Girija Baqer Foundation Award for her excellence in the presence of Dr J Retnakumar, CEO, Insurance Services Company, Chitra Narayan, principal of Middle East Nursery, and Madhu Menon.

She has also worked in two movies as assistant director before she received the award. Her first serial Moonumani got her acclaim from a wide audience while the award-winning character, where she played a negative role with a funny streak as Rukmini in Vanambadi made her a star overnight.

Girija Baqer, an acclaimed name among the art lovers for the past four decades had contributed immensely to drama, music and dance, to name a few, during her lifetime before she passed away in 2017.

The first Girija Baqer Foundation Award was given to Saskia and Michael, the Swiss music duo who had also made a video album on Oman’s beauty.

Priya said, “I tried being a good teacher, a mother and today I am striving to be a good artiste on both TV and celluloid.

“My passions range from painting, jewellery making, writing poems and short stories, and classical dance.”