Omani wins top prize at prestigious poetry competition in Italy

July 09, 2019

Hassan al Matrooshi has become the first Omani to win an award in the prestigious international poetry contest Tulliola-Renato Filippelli in Italy.

Speaking to Muscat Daily , Matrooshi said, “It’s a 25 year old event. It is one of the best competitions for poetry in the world. It’s divided into two sections - Italians and non-Italians.
 “The organisers opened the doors for Arabs for the first time. I was declared one of the winners in the non-Italian section with two other Arabs from Kuwait and Bahrain.”

Matrooshi said that the entry criteria is quite rigorous. “I submitted my works including some poetry in Arabic and English. I participated in a poetry contest titled ‘Al Nasl al Mtrood’. It’s about the struggle of a man and his success in life. The jury comprised Arabs and non-Arabs.”
The competition took place in the beginning of the year and winners were announced recently. “The organising committee will hold a ceremony to honour winners in Rome in October.”




Talking about his works, Matrooshi said, “I have five poetry books translated into French. Some of my poems have been translated into Spanish and being taught at few universities in Costa Rica.”

About the honour, he said, “The award is a gift to the Omani people. This will motivate me to continue translating my works into other languages. I thank the Palestinian translator Nizar Sartawi for supporting me and translating my work for participation in this contest. Omani poets must consider themselves as ambassadors of the country. They must strive to translate their works into other languages so that people in other parts of the world benefit from them.”