PSM organises Grand Awareness Expo

October 23, 2017

A Grand Awareness Expo was organised at Pakistan School Muscat to instill mindfulness about the social issues of the hour through the students’ exposition.

The event aimed to lay the base for the students to kindle social awareness by displaying the projects concerning global issues that are putting the environment and social life and personal health at stake. The chairman, Steering Committee of Pakistan Schools in Oman, Zia ul Haq Siddiqui along with Ataullah Niazi, senior principal, Pakistan Schools in Oman, Khalid Mehmood Khan Jadoon, principal, Pakistan School Muscat, and Munazza Ghafoor, principal, Junior School, inaugurated the expo.

The displayed projects brought to view the grounding factors of hazardous issues such as deforestation, global warming, obesity, environmental conservation, road safety and protection of marine life. Through well-oriented presentations and models such as ‘Domestic Hydro Power Project’, ‘Water Conservation’ and ‘Sewage Water Treatment’, the students demonstrated how these issues could be managed in future.

The projects were framed up by the students of Pakistan School Muscat and satellite schools namely Pakistan School Seeb, Nizwa, Sohar and Musannah. Various slideshows and videos addressing the issues were also shown. Parents and community members visited different stalls and appreciated the efforts of the students.

Niazi congratulated Jadoon, Munazza, their team of teachers and the students for organising the expo. He commended the efforts and creativity which lead towards the deeper understanding of awareness about the prevailing social and environmental issues.