Panasonic launches Jet Stream air conditioners

April 03, 2017

Marketing Middle East & Africa (PMMAF) has launched its newest range of Jet Stream Room Air Conditioner. 

The new model features a 25m air throw capacity. Launched in collaboration with Oman Marketing Services Company (OMASCO), the new air conditioner is ideal for big spaces like living rooms, halls and Majlis areas.

The innovative Jet Stream technology and design enhancements like Aerowing are the key features that allow the air conditioners to precisely control air flow and enable faster cooling. This also allows the customers to use the AC both on ‘shower cooling’ and ‘direct blast’ modes.

Jet Stream Room Air Conditioner also comes with Smart Inverter Compressor, which makes it around 30 per cent more energy efficient compared to a non-inverter model.

According to Panasonic, the new technology has made it possible for an 18,000Btu air conditioner to reach up to 22,000Btu, and a 24,000Btu model to reach up to 27,000Btu, based on the requirements resulting in 1.5 times faster cooling even when the exterior temperature is 55˚C.

The new air conditioners come with Econavi sensors that can sense human activity in the room, and an embedded air purification system, which utilises nanotechnology to purify the air.

The air purification system is capable of capturing 99 per cent of harmful micro-organisms attached to the filter of AC and on fabrics in the room, as well as those present in the air.
Deepak Krishnan, product manager, Air Conditioners & Major Appliances, PMMAF said, “Amongst all the end-user applications, residential sector accounts for the largest share in Omani air conditioner market. With the increase in number of large residential projects across the country, Jet Stream Air Conditioner line-up is the right solution for Middle Eastern spacious homes.

“These new air conditioners will fully address Omani customers’ needs and provide comfortable, healthy and reliable air-conditioning. Keeping sustainable energy benefits in mind, we have incorporated technologies like Econavi and Aerowing, which allows faster cooling with reduced energy consumption.”

George Alexander, general manager - Retail Engineering & Distribution, OMASCO said, “We are confident that this power saving, eco-friendly air conditioning product will significantly appeal to our consumers in Oman, who are increasingly investing in energy efficient products.

“With the introduction of the new Panasonic Jet Stream ACs, we intend to further strengthen our market leadership in providing best room air conditioners in the country.”