Pendant with Oman’s National Emblem goes viral on social media

July 11, 2018

A pendant with Oman’s National Emblem (khanjar and two swords) by a top Indian fashion designer has gone viral on social media but also drew mixed reactions regarding the legality of the emblem’s usage.

The pendant is part of the Indian designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s international wedding line launched in Hong Kong last week. A post on his official Instagram account read, “The strength of couture lies in the tenderness of the hand. Delicate scalloping with ivory silk thread and minute pearls are embroidered onto tea-washed tulle.”

In Oman, there have been mixed reactions among social media users after the photograph of the pendant went viral.

A post by ‘bedouinonline’ on Instagram said, “This makes me so happy.” Another user ‘theycallhimsachh’ said, “Pendant is inspired by the Omani khanjar.”

Rekha S, a homemaker said, “It is a good design. I am happy that the Oman’s National Emblem will be known worldwide. It looks sleek and stylish.”

However, Oman’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) has laid down strict guidelines for the use of such symbols for personal as well as commercial purposes. According to the Royal Decree 53/2004, it is prohibited to use the emblem or logo as a trademark or for commercial advertisement or publicity. Likewise, the logo shall not be put on locally made or imported jewellery, products or other goods without prior permission from Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

A senior official from Ministry of Commerce and Industry said, “We have strict guidelines and protocol regarding the use of national symbols and emblems. One must take a licence to use them and this applies to both Omanis and non-Omanis.”

Amal al Raisi, an Omani designer said, “I think if there was ever a direct inspiration from the khanjar to the collection, or even if there was a message that he wants to tell behind using the khanjar, then I approve of it. But it is not fine if he used it by violating the rules of usage. Maybe he should have taken up the issue with the Omani Embassy in India.”

Muscat Daily tried to get a clarification from the designer but didn’t get a response till the time of going to press.