ROP arrests over 100 women for prostitution in Al Khuwayr

August 16, 2017

The ROP on Wednesday arrested over 100 women for prostitution in Al Khuwayr. Officials from the Department of Inquiries and Criminal Investigations at Bausher Police Station made the arrests after raids in several locations in Al Khuwayr.

An ROP official said, “They have been arrested for prostitution in the wilayat of Bausher. All accused have been referred to the Public Prosecution for further investigations.”

In December last year, the ROP had arrested 43 women in Bausher for prostitution and violating the residency laws. Police investigators in cooperation with the Special Task Force had raided several locations in Al Khuwayr and arrested ten women. Another 33 women were arrested from three other locations in the wilayat then.

As a result, the Directorate General of Passports and Residences had introduced additional rules for issuing visas to women tourists of certain nations.

According to the directorate, the tourist should have a return air ticket and booking at a four-star hotel. It said that those having bookings at hotel apartments or guest houses will not be issued visas.

“Visas will only be issued for ten days and non extendable. The tourist will only be allowed to enter the country one month after the exit.”

It had said that the Omani Penal Code stipulates that those caught for prostitution will be imprisoned between three months and three years and fined RO20 to RO100. “The same punishment and fine will be imposed on anyone found running a prostitution ring.”

In September 2016, the ROP in cooperation with Thai Police raided two apartments in Al Khuwayr and arrested two women for running a prostitution racket. Twenty-one Thai women who were forced into the racket were also rescued.

Muscat Daily  had broken the story on August 16, 2016 regarding Al Khuwayr residents complaining about young women of various nationalities standing at street corners and advertising ‘massage services’.

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