ROP website to help motorists avoid traffic jams caused by accidents

July 09, 2017

The ROP’s upgraded website could soon help people avoid traffic jams caused by road accidents, locate the nearest office and information regarding services provided by them. 

These new features will gradually be incorporated into ROP’s redesigned portal.

Speaking to Muscat Daily an ROP official said, “A road accident can cause traffic snarls for miles. It can slow movement of traffic, leading to wastage of time and work delays.

“Keeping all these in mind, we are planning to inform the public in advance via our website about the road traffic accidents when reported to us.

This map will show details of the road and the exact location of the accident. It will help commuters plan in advance and avoid that road till the site of the accident is cleared. It will also help the police clear the scene of crash early.”

Not only that, he said there are plans to add Twitter feeds to the website.

“We use Twitter so that we can interact with the public. But there are many who do not use this social networking site. In order to help them, we are planning to embed the Twitter page on our website.”

ROP has many directorates including traffic, customs, civil status, passports and residences spread across the country.

“Some provide services related to the renewal of ID cards, some process visa applications and some deal with traffic fines. To help the public know about the nearest concerned office, we will have a map of such offices on the website.

“People can click on the area in which they live to find the nearest concerned office,” he said.

ROP is in the process of upgrading its portal to also ensure that it is compatible with all devices, be it big or small - whether it’s a personal computer, laptop, mobile phone, iPad, notebook or a tablet.