SQU, RAP-Green sign pact on electricity storage development

December 03, 2018

The Sustainable Energy Research Center (SERC) at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) and Rent-A-Port Green Energy (RAP-Green) signed a Research and Development Cooperation Agreement on Monday.

The cooperation agreement aims to support the development of electricity storage in the sultanate by bringing together the distinctive capabilities of both the SERC and RAP-Green. The partnership aims to leverage the expertise of the SERC and SQU in advanced research, policymaking, and nurturing top talent in the domain of renewable energy technologies.

To assist the university in achieving this, RAP-Green intends to use its extensive experience in the development of renewable energy assets, gained through its pioneering role in offshore wind farms in Europe, along with its strong track record in the development of electricity storage projects. Storage enables the ‘time-shift’ of renewable energy from the moment it is produced (i.e. when the sun shines or the wind blows) to the moment it is needed, such as when manufacturers produce goods, or when households use their Acs.

Dr Rahma Ibrahim al Mahrooqi, SQU’s deputy vice chancellor for Postgraduate Studies and Research, said that the university has shown a strong commitment to the development of renewable energy technologies within the country.

“This can be witnessed by the establishment of the university’s Sustainable Energy Research Center and plans to make SQU a green campus in the near future. The collaborative effort between the SERC and RAP-Green, which has a wide and varied expertise in developing combined renewable and more traditional energy sources with storage, outlined in this agreement is an important step forward in bringing cheaper and greener energy to Oman and its people. This agreement confirms the long-term commitment of RAP-Green to the sultanate and to SQU, in addition to the SERC’s leading role in sustainable energy research and innovation in the country.”

Daniel Dobbeni, director of Rent-A-Port Green Energy, said the organisation is proud to start a long-term partnership with SQU.

“We share a common vision about the energy transition, and on opportunities for Oman to become the largest regional player in terms of electricity storage, by relying on to the great geographical assets of Oman, and about the need to build leadership and expertise in sustainability.”