Seminar explores growth of leaders in organisations, ways to nurture talent

April 17, 2017

International consultancy firm Leadership Pipeline Institute (LPI) held an awareness seminar for Omani leaders and HR professionals on Monday. Dozens of representatives of private sector companies attended the seminar at Crowne Plaza Muscat.

The workshop was led by Anders Ibsen, executive vice-president, LPI and Hamed al Tamami, general manager of UAE-based Future Match Human Resources Consultancy and Partner firm of LPI (Oman and UAE).

In his presentation, Ibsen focused on the different layers of leadership, such as leadership of self, leadership of leaders, and leadership of organisation. “The main idea is that leadership is not the same. Depending on what leadership level you’re at, you have to deliver differently,” he said.

“What we’re discussing here is how an organisation can grow their own leaders and their own talents that they need now and they also need in the future.”

LPI provides training for major companies around the world, including Starbucks, Microsoft, Maersk, and in Oman for Bank Muscat. It’s headquarters in Denmark and the US has branches in dozens of countries around the world. A book it has published, The Leadership Pipeline, How to Build the Leadership Powered Company, has sold 250,000 copies and is used by 40 per cent of the biggest companies in the world, Ibsen said.