Seminar to discuss ways to develop future leaders

April 09, 2017

Leadership Pipeline Institute will organise a seminar on ‘How to develop the future leaders of Oman’, at Crowne Plaza Muscat on April 17.

Senior leaders and managers of top public and private sector companies in Oman will attend the event, stated a press release.

Hamed al Tamami, representative and partner of Leadership Pipeline Institute in Oman and UAE will be hosting and facilitating the seminar. He has facilitated many leadership programmes including senior leadership assessment and coaching for the last 14 years. His unique expertise does not rest only on his mastery of the latest leadership trends and teaching, but the practical understanding of the local and regional leadership challenges and especially when it comes to local leadership current and future demand.

Tamami said, “Today, the Leadership Pipeline Concept is considered to be one of the most influential leadership models and has been successfully implemented in both public and private organisations around the world. A significant number of the world’s Fortune 500 companies have implemented the concept as their key architecture for selecting, assessing, developing leaders at all leadership levels and we are keen to share that kind of knowledge with our young Omani leaders.”

Leadership Pipeline Institute (LPI) is the official research institute and leading global leadership provider solutions based on the pipeline books, which have sold more than 250,000 copies around the world.

Anders Ibsen, executive vice president of LPI has been invited to share LPI’s latest research and hands-on experience on how to develop leadership capabilities needed for the future using the Leadership Pipeline thinking. Ibsen leads LPI’s global research team and is perceived as one of the leading Leadership Pipeline experts.