Shura committee recommends withdrawal of free fuel cards allotted to government officials

February 08, 2017

A Majlis A’Shura committee has recommended ending free petrol given to government officials, according to the council’s Twitter page. The special committee, ‘Fallout of the Economic Situation on Society’ recommended that petrol prices be capped at 180bz/lt. The recommendations were made at a Majlis A’Shura session on Wednesday.

Members broadly called for the setting up of a price cap on fuel prices as well as offering support to disadvantaged and low income families.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Council of Ministers said in a statement that prices of M91 would be capped at the February level till the time a social welfare system is developed in the future for low income groups struggling with fuel price hikes and associated inflationary costs.

The committee called for a 180bz/lt ceiling if the price of oil rises up to US$70/barrel, or for the government to provide other means of compensation. The committee called for immediate social welfare support for families, whose monthly income is less than RO600.

Earlier in the day, members discussed points of difference between Shura and the State Council on the draft of a GCC-wide veterinary products law. Representative Salim al Kaabi argued that high penalties in the law would deter foreign investors. He was joined by representative Mohammed al Busaidi and other members in this view.

Other topics on the agenda for the two-day discussion include a draft GCC trademark system law; a draft aflaj irrigation system protection law; adjustments to the fishing law; the 2007 Nairobi convention on the removal of shipwrecks; the GCC value-added tax (VAT) draft law; the 2015 State Audit Institution report; a summary of the Ninth Five-Year Development Plan and an Arab region anti-piracy agreement.

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