Speeding caused 55% of road accident-related deaths in 2016

March 12, 2017

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Although the number of road accidents came down by 32.8 per cent in 2016 as compared to 2015, speeding still remains a concern. Fifty-five per cent of road accident-related deaths and 63 per cent of injuries were caused by vehicles failing to abide by speed limits.

According to the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI), a total of 4,721 road accidents were reported in 2016, which resulted in 3,261 injuries and 692 deaths.

Of these, speeding caused 2,499 accidents resulting in 2,052 injuries and 378 deaths. Negligent driving caused 15 per cent of road fatalities, while risky overtaking contributed to ten per cent of the deaths.

Reduction in road accidents is a result of major initiatives by the ROP aimed at increasing public awareness about traffic safety. NCSI is participating in the GCC Traffic Week exhibition, being held at the Muscat City Centre (MCC) and Muscat Grand Mall from March 12-16.

Themed, ‘Your life is a trust’, the event is being organised by the ROP. NCSI has set up a stall at MCC, offering a wealth of information on traffic-related issues, through a series of publications, bulletins, leaflets and analysis reports.

NCSI has been regularly participating in traffic events as part of its efforts to highlight statistics and spread awareness regarding the importance of community partnerships between various government and private sector organisations.