TRA holds meeting with licencees to discuss aspects of draft RAIOs

March 12, 2017

Within the context of its ongoing efforts to create a regulatory environment that is conducive for effective competition in the telecommunications sector, the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) held a three-day meeting with the telecom licencees.

The meeting discussed certain aspects of the draft Reference Access and Interconnection Offers (RAIOs) that were prepared by Omantel and Ooredoo on the basis of the Access and Interconnection Regulation requirements so as to be issued and published in their final format by the licencees dominant in wholesale markets, stated a press release.

The meeting was attended by representatives of all telecom operators providing public services in Oman, namely Omantel, Ooredoo, FRiENDi Mobile, Connect Arabia International, TeO, Renna, Awasr, Zajel Communications, Madakhil Investment (Maritime) and the Oman Broadband Company.

During the meeting, viewpoints of the participants were shared with respect to the draft RAIOs that are published on the TRA website along with comments and remarks of the parties requesting access and interconnection services.

The meeting is one of a series of practical steps taken by TRA to implement the RAIO approval measures stipulated in the Access and Interconnection Regulation issued last April, added the release. The establishment of a legal framework to regulate interconnection and access to the networks of public telecommunication operators in Oman constitutes the cornerstone in the removal of any barriers to market entry, in addition to its role in boosting competition.