The Ministry of Tourism sets up information centres for khareef visitors

August 02, 2017

The Ministry of Tourism’s (MoT) has set up a number of information centres for the convenience of tourists visiting the Dhofar governorate in the khareef season.

These centres are located at the airport, malls, and the Municipal Entertainment Centre in Dhofar, stated a press release. Some of these centres are temporary ones while the others remain a permanent fixture throughout the year.

The ministry has established these information centres in Hurait mountain point (between Thumrait and Salalah), Wadi al Jizzi, Hufait, Tiwi al Sa’ada in Jebel Akhdar, Salalah Tourism Festival, Salalah Airport and Salalah Grand Mall.

It has also established electronic information kiosks (English and Arabic) in a couple of places around the region.

The centres have ministry representatives providing information about tourist attractions, services provided in the region as well as safety guidelines.

Representatives distribute maps and brochures about the Dhofar governorate. They also provide information related to tourism services, fuel stations, hotels, and archaeological sites.

A highly-trained team of tourism professionals brief tourists about important aspects such as appropriate dress code, terms and conditions of photography, and keeping the environment and tourism facilities around the region clean, a press release stated.
The ministry staff also help tourists with their accommodation bookings, travel routes and other important on-ground services, while constantly seeking their feedback and suggestions to improve the quality of services in the governorate.

It has made enormous efforts to promote the khareef season this summer and has organised several television reports and awareness campaigns on its social media platforms.

Advertisements have also been appeared about the khareef season and several other tourist locations in Oman.


With the goal of attracting more tourists to the region, a promotional video has also been uploaded on the ministry’s social media platforms about rain witnessed in the Dhofar region as well the summer temperature in the region.

The ministry has also published a leaflet to help acquaint visitors with the governorate better. It contains general information about Dhofar and the khareef season, as well as details mountains, beaches and beautiful landscapes.


A four-day tourism itinerary is also provided in the leaflet for the convenience of visitors, that includes major landmarks such as souqs, archaeological sites and natural attractions in the Dhofar governorate.