Three-month khareef season begins today

June 21, 2017

With the nine-day Eid holidays coinciding with the beginning of the three-month khareef season, it is the ideal time to visit Dhofar governorate.

The Salalah Tourism Festival too begins on June 30. Dhofar is popular for its mountains, plains, valleys and beaches extending along the coast of the Arabian Sea. The governorate has many attractions that deserve a visit during the khareef season. During the period from June to September, the mountains and plains become lush green, making Dhofar a scenic destination not only for those in Oman but those across the GCC.

Some of the popular attractions in Dhofar during the khareef season are:

Salalah Tourism Festival (June 30-August 31): It is the most important annual festival in Dhofar and comprises activities that take place in Salalah and beyond. The festival showcases many cultural activities and events providing an opportunity for tourists to experience Oman’s rich cultural heritage and traditional arts. Additionally, exhibitions and marketing events are held at the festival’s grounds, which attract traders from across the world thereby giving visitors access to a variety of products.

Al Hafa Souq: The place located next to Al Husn Palace is famous for its variety of locally-made perfumes from frankincense and bukhoor. North from the souq and just next to As Salam Street is the Gold Souq, where one can not just buy gold but also traditional silver products.
Mughsail: Framed by picturesque cliffs the place is most popular for its blowholes. Located to the west of Salalah, these small holes in the rock just above the sea, forces water to gush out when the sea is rough. Overlooking the blowholes is the Al Marnif Cave, a place to relax and enjoy the sea breeze. The beach is spread over a 6km area.

Al Baleed Archaeological Park: A visit to Dhofar is incomplete without travelling to the Al Baleed site listed on Unesco’s World Heritage List as the ‘Land of Frankincense’. Another site worth visiting is The Museum of the Frankincense Land. It showcases Oman’s historical and archaeological heritage and the maritime tradition of Dhofar. Visitors can see the site and the ruins of Al Baleed on a boat sailing along the creek. Explore the monuments with a private vehicle to soak in the beauty of the place.

Wadi Darbat: Located on mountains overlooking the site of Khor Rori, find this wadi just after Taqah. The wadi has several small lakes overlooking  hills. During the season, torrential rains replenish wadi waters. The grasslands formed during the khareef season provides visitors the perfect opportunity to enjoy picnics.

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