Tourism company donates painting to National Museum

February 12, 2019

Wings of Luxury, a company operating in the Omani tourism sector, has donated to the National Museum a painting of an international artist Patrick Mougeot. The painting has been done using oil on canvas.

Titled ‘Three Ladies’, the painting portrays the natural beauty of the sultanate through the eyes of a renowned artist whose first visit to Oman left an impression that could only be expressed through what he does best.

Mougeot, a French citizen, has displayed his artworks in Canada, France, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom and in private collection in the US, Canada, and several other European countries. Some of his other achievements include exhibiting works at Bruton Art Gallery, La Galleria Pall Mall and Design Centre in London.

An official of Wings of Luxury stated, “Oman is a beautiful, peaceful and inspiring country which we love. It is our pleasure to contribute to the portfolio of the prestigious National Museum and gift a painting by our dear friend Patrick. Also, the executives of the National Museum were very kind in leading and hosting workshops where an environment of exchanging ideas, views, and experiences is facilitated for the upcoming Omani stars in the art world.

“We hope that this will be the beginning of a series of humble contributions by us to the country and its pride, our leader, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.”

The National Museum, established by Royal Decree in 2013 and opened on July 30, 2016, is the sultanate’s flagship cultural institution, showcasing the nation’s cultural heritage from the earliest human settlement in Oman some 2mn years ago through to the present day.

The museum is dedicated to ensuring Oman’s cultural heritage is understood and appreciated not only within the sultanate but also internationally. Further, it aims to provide opportunities for cultural expression, innovation, and the transfer of traditional skills and knowledge from one generation to the next.