Travel in a bygone era...

February 07, 2019

Once used as a common means of transportation in the sultanate, donkeys are slowly losing their role and importance in society, thanks to technology and innovation. But if you want your children to experience what riding a donkey feels like, then the Heritage Village at Amerat Park is the place to be. 

Children can enjoy the donkey joyrides and get a feel of the times gone by for just 500bz. Saeed al Naabi has two donkeys. He uses them for providing joyrides for children at Amerat Park during the Muscat Festival. “We have two donkeys and charge 500bz for a round. This is a good way to teach children the kind of transport that was used in the past,” Naabi said.

Yahya Rasheed, a father of three children, said the rides are a great source of enjoyment for his children. “I bring my children here every year and donkey rides are one of the things they enjoy. It’s not only fun but also educational.

“This is a good way to teach them how life was in the past and how people used to travel at that time.” An excited seven year old Hanaan al Abri while patiently waiting for her ride said she wished she had a donkey at home.

“I like riding both donkeys and horses. It is fun. I wish I had one at home so that I could ride every day. Whenever, I visit the Muscat Festival, I ask my mother to give me money for the donkey ride.”

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