Value of traded contracts in real estate crosses RO720mn

April 22, 2017

The value of traded contracts in the first quarter of this year stood at RO727,378,000 while the collected fee was RO23,024,000, according to a report released by the Ministry of Housing. The total value of sale contracts stood at RO311,166,517 through 16,157 sale transactions across the country.

Also, the total value of mortgage contracts stood at RO410,743,685 through 5,503 sale transactions while the total value of exchange contracts stood at RO5,468,292 through 250 transactions. Besides, 63,301 title deeds were also issued during the same period.

The value of traded contracts was the highest in Muscat governorate (RO371,383,362), followed by North Batinah (RO87,895,499), South Batinah (RO75,553,534), Dhofar (RO59,876,537), Dakhliyah (RO49,126,144), Buraimi (RO12,042,000) and Musandam (RO2,946,602). The value of traded contracts in North Sharqiyah stood at RO21,369,272, South Sharqiyah at RO19,994,270, Dhahirah at RO20,911,680 and Al Wusta at RO6,279,488.