Water-logging on Amerat roads irks commuters

September 10, 2019

Residents and commuters using Amerat route are irked by the issue of water-logging on the streets. Diversions have been made in some places but people in the area are urging for a permanent solution as continuous flow of water could damage the roads. 

Muscat Daily visited a few areas to understand the situation. The tunnel leading to Area 5 in Amerat has been facing the issue of water-logging for some time. “The tunnel was closed for some time. We thought they were working on it but now it is open again and the problem persists. I believe the water keeps flowing from the wadis in Quriyat. Something needs to be done,” said Hassan al Naamani, an Amerat resident and a daily commuter on the route.

According to the municipality some roads in the area were being closed due to repair works. “The road leading to Ihsan Mosque had been closed for repairs. It is now open,” an official said. However, commuters said the situation hasn’t improved even after repair.

Internal roads in area Talib Rashid, another Amerat resident, said the water-logging issue is not only at the road tunnel but also on some internal roads.

“There is another internal road in Area 5 too, a small portion of which has been closed for almost a year now,” Rashid said.
He said, “Continuous flow of water can damage roads. Building culverts to let the water pass is the only permanent solution.”