World Cancer Day: 80% cases can be treated if detected early

February 07, 2019

With the advances made in medical technology in recent times, many cancers that were once considered a ‘death sentence’ can now be treated effectively if detected early. 

As part of cancer awareness initiatives, on the occasion of World Cancer Day, Dr Rajyashree N of Barakath al Noor Clinic and an active board member of Oman Cancer Association (OCA), said that 80 per cent of cases can be cured if detected early. “In Oman, people are still reluctant to go for regular check-ups and in most cases diagnosis happens only in stage 3. There is a need for more regular checkups,” she said.

Dr Rajyashree said that awareness is the key to success. “We advise people to come forward for frequent check-ups. Cancer can develop without warning and finding and treating cancer at an early stage can save lives. Cancer that’s diagnosed at an early stage, when hasn’t spread, is more likely to be treated successfully.”

She said that around 85 per cent of women diagnosed with breast cancer in the early stage survive the disease as compared to around 15 per cent women whose cases are diagnosed in the advanced stage. World Cancer Day, which is celebrated on February 4 every year, is an opportunity to raise awareness about cancer, encourage prevention, detection, and treatment.

“World Cancer Day 2019 is important because of the rise in cancers in the sultanate such as breast cancer, colorectal cancer and lung cancer, especially, in people who smoke. This year, our main motive was to spread as much awareness as possible,” Dr Wahid al Kharusi, president of OCA, said.

Dr Kharusi also explained the other efforts taken to spread awareness. “We had a human ribbon comprising 2,700 students at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Bausher. They were made to stand in the shape of a ribbon to express solidarity and support towards cancer awareness. We also held various other events like the Hug a Bear for children suffering from cancer,” he added.

More events are also planned during the weekend. “On Friday, there will be charity dinner with Gautami Tadimalla, an Indian artiste who is a cancer survivor at Grand Hyatt. There is a fee for the event and all the proceedings will go to Dar al Hanan, a home away from home for young cancer patients and their families. On Saturday, there would be the human ribbon comprising 5,000 students at Indian School Wadi Kabir,” Dr Rajyashree said.

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