Young Omani woman invents automatic vehicle to fill potholes

February 12, 2019

A student of A’Sharqiyah University has been awarded a gold medal for inventing an automatic pothole repairing vehicle. The inventor, Al Zahra bint Mohammed al Husseiniya, won the gold medal at the 11th International Invention Fair of the Middle East (IIFME), Kuwait recently.

Speaking to Muscat Daily , Al Zahra, a resident of the wilayat of Quriyat in Muscat, said, “I started working on the project in 2014. Till now, I have come up with five prototypes. This automatic pothole repairing vehicle makes everyone’s job easy. I got the Intellectual Property certificate for my project from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in 2015.”

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Talking further about the project, she said, “It was a challenge to work on the project. I had to equally divide my time between the project and studies. My parents provided financial support for the project. They kept me motivated and I owe this success to them.”

On future plans, Al Zahra, said “I need financial support to further work on the project. I hope this mini automatic pothole repairing vehicle will be used in Oman. It will save time and money to do the job. Such a system is needed all over the world. It will serve all road users.

“I thank my parents and my project supervisor Turkiyah Batashi in A’Sharqiyah University for their support. My message to the Omani youth is ‘Achieving your goal comes with hard work, desire and determination’.”