eMobility Forum to help lay foundation for a smart future

January 10, 2019

The highlight of 2019 edition of the Electric Vehicle Road Trip (EVRT) for people in Oman will be the eMobility Forum scheduled for January 20 in Muscat. The forum will showcase some of the latest smart mobility technologies available on the market.

The eMobility Forum aims to help the country lay the foundations for a smart, electric, connected and autonomous low-carbon mobility future.

This year the EVRT takes participants across UAE and Oman over 2,000km, starting in Abu Dhabi on January 17 and culminating in Dubai on January 24 - all without using a single drop of petrol.

The first day of the trip will start with World Future Energy Summit Mobility Forum in Abu Dhabi, stopping in Sheikh Zayed Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque as well as participating in a drag race at the Yas Marina Circuit.

On the second day, participants will head for Muscat covering over 500km followed by Wadi Shab, taking in the picturesque surrounding as well getting an opportunity to take a dip in the wadi.

On January 20, Muscat will host the eMobility Forum where key government dignitaries and industry decision makers in Oman will share their insights and encourage favourable policy in the adoption of smart mobility.

It will see a discussion on the Future of eMobility in Oman: Challenges and Opportunities. A keynote presentation will be made by Qais al Zakwani, executive director, Authority for Electricity Regulation (AER).

In November last year, AER released the findings of the research it had commissioned to assess the regulatory framework for electric vehicles in Oman and the implications for the country’s energy management.

In Zakwani’s presentation, key findings as well as the challenges, opportunities, strengths and shortfalls will be discussed and what they mean for Oman over the coming years.

Dr Oualid Ali, director, Training and Smart Solutions Center, GUtech, will make a keynote presentation on the challenges of the adoption of electric vehicles in Oman. “As examples of such challenges, I would like to mention the so-called ‘government buy-in’, in terms of regulation and the ‘citizen buy-in’ and adoption of electric vehicles and the infrastructure upgrade such as charging stations.”

Sanjeev Madavi, head of Technology, Asyad, will also speak at the forum. “The forum will help the country lay the foundations for a smart, electric, connected and autonomous low-carbon mobility future.”

From Muscat, the electric vehicles will head for Fujairah in the UAE, a drive of over 400km, and then to Jebel Jais, Ras al Khaimah and Musandam, culminating in Dubai. On January 24 and 25, Dubai will also host the eMobility Forum and Festival.

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