Importance of key in organising data in modern life

August 10, 2017

Data - the word has been derived from a Latin word 'datum' which means 'to know'.

Data is the most vital asset for any organisation or institution. In today’s scenario, we are living in a world of big data, which keeps on multiplying every second. An organisation which does not understand the need for data organisation cannot survive in the today’s era. Without ample resources and tools for organising and managing data, organizations will fail miserably, owing to the competition in today’s work scenario.

In the past, the organisation of data was done manually since the amount of data generated was subsequently less. In today’s scenario, to handle huge amount data, we need a proper database management system. A primary key plays a very important role in the database since it helps in unique identification of data. The key will help in organising data, getting the information very fast, adding, updating, deleting information from the database.

We should organise data in such a way that it would retrieve information very fast. Any organisation is directly or indirectly related to information and it will get benefitted from the right information. For example, in Oman, every person has a unique civil id linked with personal details. For security reasons, personnel photo, e signature and figure print information is stored in the civil card. Now, details of 50mn persons have been stored in the database. So, once data is saved in the database, you can retrieve information any where any time. The civil id is linked with the driver’s car plate and the car plate is further linked with mulkia. If anybody disobeys the driving rule, automatically fine-related information will be stored in the database without any human resource involvement. Updation, deletion and insertion of data in such a scenario will be very fast and data handling can be done efficiently. This is all because of the best practices in organisation and management of data in database.

In the education system, we use a similar concept for identification of all the students and staff members for organising their related information such as student roll numbers and staff identification numbers. Now-a-days, all educational institutions use various databases for handling records. The student roll number can be used for getting student information from the database such as marks, attendance, books, subjects, personal details etc. 

Many organisations use different login logout systems such as the biometric fingerprint system for storing the staff attendance records. Fingerprints are unique for every human being and are further linked with the staff identification number. Hence, it is very useful in maintaining the attendance, leave record and salary calculation.

In banks, a customer is identified with a unique account number. The account number can be used to trace all the bank-related transactions done by the customer such as deposit, withdrawal, transfer, loan information, monthly statement and online payment such as for electricity and water bills. Credit card details can also be linked with the personal account number.

In the automobile service centres, the customer is identified by the unique vehicle number. The vehicle number can be used to extract the history of vehicle such as major and minor services done in the past, parts-related information, the mileage of the vehicle, etc. This information is useful in maintenance and services of the car. Even the spare parts used in a vehicle along with their model number are stored in their database.

In hospitals, all the patients are identified by a unique patient id. This identification number is very useful for doctors and patients to maintain and find information such as past treatments, ailments, prescriptions, etc. This would help in proper diagnosis of the patients.

Many software organisation employees and students are working for developing latest softwares related to organisation of data. The database management industry in the sultanate is growing rapidly. It is a field of paramount importance as a lot of money is lost each year due to lack of data organisation. Data management has emerged as a profession in its own right since the last decade.

Importance of key in organising data in modern life

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