Letter to the editor: Atrocities continue, fear lingers

October 08, 2017

(Muscat Daily, October 3, page 1)

This refers to the front page report ‘58 killed in Las Vegas concert in deadliest US shooting’. The incident shows the extent of atrocities man is capable of, due to which innocent people are ultimately victimised. 

As the act of terror being a continuous threat to life and property, the incident further proves that anti-social elements have become very much part of life and it’s hard to locate, identify, despite severe security checks in place. 

Since the gunman had killed himself, it has become a difficult task for the authorities to find out how the attack was planned and how he got into the gathering of thousands of people.  The most worrying scenario is that people involved in such activities now have access to the latest weapons and can easily achieve their target.

As the world has thousands of nuclear devices active in different locations, though in highly secured places, their safekeeping is a real concern. While every incident teaches us new lessons, the fear continues to linger.

Ramachandran Nair

Via email