Letter to the editor: Fostering peace in Afghanistan

August 20, 2019

This refers to the report ‘IS bomber kills 63 at Kabul wedding’ (Muscat Daily, page 1, August 19).

This gruesome incident is clear proof to the whole world that Afghanistan remains under the threat of militancy with no indication of its end to bring the ravaged country back to normalcy. Such a high number of casualties is horrifying and also confuses one as what could be done to bring peace to this once thriving land.

Last year’s high number of deaths and the continuing unrest indicate the extent of suffering of Afghanistan’s younger generation. It is the world’s responsibility to stop the aggressions and reduce further casualties.

As the country has been long suffering for more than two decades due to extreme militancy, life has become more complex for commoners despite several peace initiatives having taken place, including the recent US involvement.

In the present context, it would be difficult to reach a solution, yet peace initiatives in the country need to continue with various groups, UN and the world leaders.

Ramachandran Nair
Via email