Letter to the editor: People continue to ignore road safety

August 01, 2017

This is in reference to ‘Your Say - Safe driving practices’ (Muscat Daily, July 31, page 4).

I appreciate Muscat Daily’s effort to table this very important topic for debate this week. It is extremely disappointing that people continue ignoring the fundamentals of road safety. Speeding and distractions are the two key elements overlooked by the majority of the motorists.

The recent changes in speed limits, introduced in some of the crowded city areas, would help people to realise that the issue has become more critical and everyone has a role to play in making Oman a better place to drive. This will clearly endorse the maturity of the people of Oman.

Meanwhile, with the recent accidents claiming several lives, the Muscat-Salalah route has become an accident stretch creating panic among regular travellers.

It is time for the authorities to consider an all-out effort restricting the speed limits on this route and having frequent checkpoints to ensure everyone adheres to safe driving practices.

It is quite disappointing that despite several efforts and campaigns to improve road safety awareness, accidents continue to occur on this stretch.

Trading establishments and organisations using heavy vehicles on a regular basis must introduce proper vehicle monitoring system and comply with proper travel management plan. It is extremely disappointing that road users continue to ignore the repeated calls for safe driving practices.

Ramachandran Nair
Via email