Letter to the editor: Rising extremism in the world

June 08, 2017

The world has been witnessing rising extremism over the past few decades, but very little has been done to identify its root cause.

It is not known what forces youths to take up weapons to fight for a cause. The fact is that some youth are playing into the hands of extremism without realising the hidden dangers.

The society has evolved to an extent that simultaneous beliefs and religious sentiments are taking new shapes. It is quite disappointing that many of those involved or masterminds behind the gruesome attacks in the recent pasts were all educated youngsters. The reason is unknown.

In fact, ‘religious’ sentiments continue to influence youth. Though religion was supposed to be responsible for the peaceful existence of human beings, it has become a curse for the new generation.

On the other end, arrogance  of leadership has left millions homeless leading to continuous struggle for survival. People are struggling in countries like Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. It will take generations to return to the lost glory. Those in power may regret their actions that have led to casualties and destructions over the past few years.

Youth must realise that poverty, lack of education and unemployment might cost them more than anything in their future life.

The most disturbing fact is that children born in countries affected by wars will be growing without parental guidance. It’s a shame for the current generation to accept this shocking reality.

It’s high time that they keep away from the false propaganda and instead embrace modern values in this new age.

Ramachandran Nair

Via email