Letter to the editor: Self-employment survey in Oman

November 29, 2017

(Muscat Daily, November 23, page 1)

It’s a good sign that 68 per cent of the local people are willing to do their own business, and it shows that they want to be genuinely independent at work. I feel youngsters would be more attracted to do new businesses.

Those looking for new business option areas can target sectors such as clothing industries. Self-employed individuals can also provide employment to freshers in the job market. Meanwhile, the most important aspect is that owners of companies must get good workers to sustain business in a healthy way.

The workers must be provided with required training to enhance skills. Running an enterprise comes with responsibilities such as financial and management of human resources. It is important that owners pay incentives to employees for their ideas as an encouragement. Overall, the survey finding is a good sign that the country is developing.

Athira R Nair
Via email