Letter to the editor: Stress and addiction to social media

July 19, 2018

Stress and psychological illness have become very much part of the contemporary living. There is no boundary to it, and it does not limit to a country or region. 

However, if such cases are increasing in the new way of living, it certainly needs to be addressed in the right way.

The key reason being the addiction to social media which takes a good amount of one’s valuable time and mental capacity, especially among the youngsters. For those who were not able to respond to social issues, the social media platform gives them the avenue to make their voice loud, and this eventually takes their time out to stressful situations. The facility is being found misused by people who form part of all age category.

The most critical aspect is how it affects the family life and what influence it has to disturb the family living where women and children have key roles.

An eye specialist recently suggested to some of the children who visited him to completely avoid the usage of mobile phones and tabs or similar kind of devices to keep them safe in their academic podium. People might argue that without mobiles life may not work well, but it depends on how one cares about himself, especially from a health point of view. There are increasing cases of divorce and other family related issues in the modern society and the core of such issues is stress.

The environment people live in today contributes a lot to change of life settings, and one has to decide how he or she wants to be stress-free and how it can be achieved to the base level to maintain a comfortable living.

Ramachandran Nair
Via email