Letter to the editor: War crimes should be stopped

February 12, 2017

According to a recent report released by Amnesty International, some 13,000 people have been tortured and hanged during the five years of continuing unrest in Syria.

The report not only reveals the menace of tyranny and attempt to hide the true scenarios behind the scenes but also highlights the violations of rights of people in this modern era.

If it’s true, supported with fact and figures, it can be added to the extent of cruelty related to war crimes the world has witnessed.

It is unbelievable that war crimes are growing to such gruesome extent, ignoring all the sentiments of life, while responsible people were being accused of not providing the detainees basic stuff like water and food.

The recent civil wars and conflicts have claimed several thousands of life. Regrettably, those responsible for such barbaric acts get enough backing of the world in silence, which increases the number of detainees in prisons of conflict-hit countries.

Since those torturing and killings are attached to the ongoing and aftermath of conflicts, there is no real value to any sort of judicial efforts. And  it becomes impossible to punish those who are responsible for carrying out such horrors.

It is therefore important to highlight cases of similar nature in the international forums and unanimously fight to end the spreading of such human calamity in the context of increasing wars and conflicts.

Ramachandran Nair

Via e-mail