Letters to the Editor: Get on to the Friendship Express

March 05, 2019

It is quite disturbing to read and listen to stories of continuing animosity between the people of India and Pakistan. 

In reality, the fight is against its own people and eventually losing the wealth and resources of the two flourishing lands. People in India and Pakistan are to live in a friendly atmosphere and make a way forward to showcase their goodwill, especially to benefit the younger generation in both the nations. Neighbours cannot live with hostile minds, whereas a trustworthy friendship will reap better life for the people.

After the recent incidents, I read several articles and listened to a number of documentaries about the ‘Samjhauta Express’ train which runs between India’s capital New Delhi and Lahore in Pakistan. The ‘friendship express’ is a true reflection of life and how deeply they are attached to each other since decades.

If someone reads the stories of people travelling in Samjhauta Express, they will never think about a conflict between their homelands. The aftermath of a nuclear conflict will be beyond one can think of and it is not possible for human beings to accept the consequences.

It has become a situation that peace and stability in the subcontinent are mostly depending on how India and Pakistan lead their people, in which the youth in both the countries can think of differently to deliver what they deserve to make a health future. 

History reveals that war never delivers fragrances to humanity, whereas its repercussions stay for decades and centuries and continue to harm life on earth.

Let’s hope the true meaning of ‘Samjhauta Express’ brings happiness and runs smoothly to continue connecting the people in both India and Pakistan.

It is for the whole world to realise how people in the Indian subcontinent live peacefully and setting good examples of consolidating friendship even though their land is divided, their minds remain stronger and ardent with the greatness of humanity.

Ramachandran Nair
Via email