Letters to the editor: Excessive usage of Internet

May 08, 2018

It is true that with the advent of Internet device/technology, our modern-day society has come closer, new horizons of knowledge have opened up and communication between people has become easier and faster.

Facts reveal that the use of Internet by social media lovers, more especially the younger generation, over the years, has gone up with the result that the disadvantages of this device have started surfacing and educators and parents are worried to find out a way, if not to discard it. They are also looking at measures to confine our younger generation from this growing menace.

Sociologists say that man is a social animal and that interaction with others is important for his mental and physical health. The excessive use of the Internet has led our young generation to be a victim of loss in cultural and social relations.

Though the Internet is providing connectivity, its results are either less promising or weak because real relationships can’t be built on virtual chats and communications only. Most of them usually prove fake and may lead to sadness or depression later. A major disadvantage of the Internet about which usually parents are more concerned is use of Internet by their children for a longer period and sticking to computer/mobile screens for hours.

This causes the eye muscles to become weak and that is why we see young children wearing glasses comparatively at a very early age.

Again, psychiatrists believe using Internet for prolonged hours causes depression and mental stress in youngsters and gives rise to other mental diseases, like despair, sadness, addiction etc. Thus, they become anti-social and get angry easily.

It must not be forgotten that real happiness lies within the real world and not in Internet-oriented virtual life. Scientists have discovered signs of toxic matter in the brains of heavy Internet users that could grow overly worse over a period and affect concentration and memory, as well as ability to make independent decisions and set goals.

It could also reduce resilience and lead to ‘inappropriate’ behaviour. The inept use of the Internet keeps increasing every day; that is why attention must be paid to its bad effects and users must be informed about all this.

Seminars, workshops, academic conferences and parent-pupil meetings need to be organised from time to time to discuss and highlight the disadvantages of the excessive use of the Internet. Everything has both good and bad aspects, it is we who choose which side to go. So, we must choose wisely and make the Internet our good tool and companion.

Man has made technology and its use is in our hands. Don’t let it become our master. What is advisable is that we use the Internet to extract good from it. Let the disadvantages of the Internet not overcome its good purpose.

Dr Shiben Krishen Raina
Via email