Letters to the editor: Spreading fake messages

August 30, 2018

A few days ago, a WhatsApp forward message alerted that flights from Kozhikode in Kerala airport are overbooked and the airport will be crowded for a few days.

The message further mentioned about airlines stopping passengers from travelling citing various reasons and requested reporting early at the airport to avoid delays.

After reading the message and having travelled through the Kozhikode airport on the same day, I realised how false messages are being circulated via social media.

These messages have the ability to create panic among people.

I have never seen airline check-in counters at the airport with so few passengers. The airport entry and exit areas too were empty as well. The driver who came to pick me up at the airport too noticed the less traffic.

Immigration counters too were relatively free and I could finish the formalities soon.

This was a true learning experience for me. Those who create and share such false propaganda must realise what their act can do.

So, I urge everyone that we should exercise caution when circulating any message via social media platforms.

We should verify before posting any message or any article.

Ramachandran Nair, Via email

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