Positivity at the workplace

May 30, 2018

All throughout my days in retail, I have been blessed to play the most difficult role which is to recruit potential candidates with the right attitude for the organisation. Which means hiring the right drivers of the business.

Indeed, the peaks and troughs of any organisation start and end with the right workforce who drive the vision and achieve results.

During one such bright sunny day, I happened to interview the HR head of a struggling organisation (a previously well famed retailer). Reasons for the struggle: Lack of positive work ambience, lack of appreciation, no work empowerment, insecurity within each performing team, minimum team spirits and alarmingly high attrition (few of them pretty much common in a lot of organisations). Quite obviously, the teams are suffocated and do not have the drive to succeed. The overall ambience is negative and people were leaving.

Let me dig in a bit more for you to realise my theme of this article.

Once a priest was walking past a green and beautiful farmland with mangoes, bananas, green grass and cows grazing. Since the nearby farms were very dry and lacked the same beauty, he could not resist and met the farmer.

The priest asked him, “My child, god has gifted you with a beautiful piece of land. You must be lucky! I am happy for you!” The farmer, wiping his thick sweat, replied, “Yeah! Indeed. I am lucky. But you should have seen this land before I took over!”

What an attitude! This farmer worked to claim his success. He didn’t get it by chance!

He stayed up and bright amidst negative influences like drought and heat, and worked hard to keep himself motivated and today, he is bearing the fruit of his hard work.

The core reasons here are being positive and motivation which got him success.

In the current challenging and changing economic trends, a lot depends upon, how you maintain the 'positivity quotient' of your organisation and what core values you build upon your workforce, who drive your business.

Positivity as a ‘big green garden’

A garden (any organisation), when green and ripe, nurtures great trees and plants like attitude, success, togetherness, team bonding, clarity of vision, lack of insecurity, high confidence, more sense of ownership and finally success, as the fruit.

If your garden goes dry so does your business!

If the positivity quotient of your organisation goes low, you observe low team morale, sinking profits, less productivity and lack of ownership.

I have always believed, a positive workplace, is as good as maintaining a great work-life balance. The entire team motivation engine runs on the fuel of positivity.

It’s so essential maintaining the high level of positivity fuel in your work engine, that the more you nurture, higher are the results. Positivity leads to higher levels of work motivation, an urge to strive for perfection and a tremendous amount of craving to reach newer heights of competition.

If the atmosphere at your workplace is positive, the team connects more and the overall experience of working together will perhaps become more joyful and comfortable, giving way to creative ideas and voice. An increased positivity quotient of any organisation enhances the competitive edge.

When you are in positive company, you have a healthy mind too.

Generally, we work hard, slog day and night to get success in our personal as well as professional career. We always believe, if we work hard, we shall be successful which will make us feel proud and positive. I look at it a bit differently. If we stay positive and work with a set goal in mind, we need to work smarter and less harder, to reach our pinnacle.

There are various benefits of positivity such as a healthy mind, confidence and social acceptance. We also start finding solutions instead of arguments, get more determined in setting our goals and most importantly, we spread the virus around and make others positive too.

If you start any problem with a 'can do' attitude, the solution is evident in the first few minutes of discussion. Positivity garners the right attitude towards growth. It helps a lot in developing your psychological well-being.

Every organisation should build 'positivity quotient' and encourage a culture of appreciation, rewarding, empowerment and nurture talent.

Let me share some small tips for staying positive at workplaces

  1. Look at opportunities, than at what is lost
  2. Search for solutions rather than discussing problems
  3. Try to claim rewards as a team
  4. Reward and appreciate the team as much as possible, and counsel the non-achiever to work towards success. Being together will always build confidence and belief in your vision
  5. Set goals as a team instead of personal goals
  6. Don't discard any idea, empower people with a creative mind and broader vision
  7. Appreciate in public but reprimand in private
  8. Set higher standards for the team and strive for excellence together
  9. Share success stories with the team and debate ideas
  10. Support good health habits

Out of the 24-hour day, we spend not less than ten quality hours at our workplace. If we make our workplace a positive one, our mental equilibrium shall help us to be a good parent, friend, child and well-wishers in our social circle.

By  Shubhojit Mahalanobis
Shubhojit is the general manager at Danube Home