Switching to solar energy

February 13, 2018

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat

Authorities have laid down regulations approving rooftop solar panel installations. Would you be interested in installing solar panels?

Krupali Sampath, Business development manager

Yes, solar panels are the way to go. Europe has already started initiating the process and the Gulf too is speeding up. We need to think of environment seriously because of global warming.

Arun Roy, Manager

 I will be very interested once the rules are in place. I think that renewable energy is the need of the hour and we too should contribute. Government agencies, people and corporates should come together to work for a better future.

Bader al Harthy, Government employee

I will be interested in installing solar panels. It would help me save on electricity bills and what best way than to utilise solar energy.

Hari Shankar JaypalManager

It is positive at many levels. It will reduce consumption of hydrocarbons and monthly household expenses. It makes us less dependent on the grid. I hope building owners will be given incentives to put panels on their roofs.

Muhana Mohammed al Rashdi, Officer

 I would definitely go for it. I believe everyone who was around during Gonu in 2007, witnessed first-hand the importance of having power. Due to the cyclone, many areas of the country suffered powercuts. A few solar panels on the roof won’t be enough for the power needs of an entire household, but they could potentially run a solar AC, or a couple of refrigerators.

Padman Nishith, Senior manager

 Yes, installing panels would be a good idea. I think the approval is a positive initiative from the authorities. Photovoltaic technology is constantly improving and as with everything, the costs will come down as the demand rises.

Do you think we have been a little slow in adopting alternative sources of energy like solar, which is so abundant in Oman? 

Samir al Balushi, Retired electrical engineer

Oman’s interest in renewable energy is a recent development. Rising oil prices have encouraged private companies to set up more renewable energy projects.

Yahya Zakaria, Support manager

We have been a little slow in adopting alternative sources such as solar energy. Oman gets a lot of sunshine throughout the year and we should utilise it to the maximum.

Hamoud al Hadrami, Private sector employee

 Compared to other countries, Oman has been a little slow in adopting renewable energy. We need to come up with more projects that use solar energy.

Binoy Vasudevan, Executive secretary

Yes. As Oman is planning for a rail project, it can utilise solar energy for running trains as well.

Sabra al Maskari

Senior medical coordinator Oman should utilise the sunshine that it receives around the year. It should have adopted solar energy much before others. It might appear to be expensive in the beginning but it will pay in the long run.

Santosh Bahirat, Sales manager

Oman is blessed with abundant solar energy, but utilisation is not enough. Efforts should be taken by all organisations to switch from fossil fuels to renewable sources like solar energy.

Do you think government should incentivise the programme initially for better uptake?

Shahnawaz Ali Akbar, Businessman

Oman is blessed with immense solar energy and government can use it to its benefit by encouraging all to go for it. Solar energy is one way to make our nation energy independent. Many other governments are providing financial incentives to make solar energy more accessible. So, why should we lag behind?

Yousuf Omar Said al Balushi, Businessman

Government is doing everything to reduce CO2 emission in the country. Oman is blessed with abundance of solar and wind energy. Solar energy has immense advantages. We are too late to introduce this in our country but it is better late than never. We are doing everything to multiply our revenues. This can help if government introduces incentives.

Rashid al Hinai, Manager

The use of solar power by every household big and small institutions,  will be a blessing to Oman. Installing rooftop solar panels is a costly affair. If every household goes for it then there will be a time when excess energy generated by every household and other institutions can be utilised by the government for other projects. Providing incentives will help the government in return.

Imran al Zadjali, Manager

The cost of rooftop solar panels and generation of solar energy has come down drastically in the last few years, but it is still not low enough for mass use. So, to start with there should be some incentives from the authorities to lure people.

Meer Waheed, Manager

 Yes, some incentives from the government are necessary to kickstart the process. To wean off from low-cost readily available electricity, it is required that they get some kind of benefits initially, so that more people come forward to accept the change.

Yahya al Balushi, HR manager

What we need is more awareness regarding cons of electricity generated from fossil fuels and positives of renewable energy. So, people will understand the importance and slowly switch to renewable energy. Yes, some incentives initially will help in speedy acceptance.

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