Word on the street: Accidents on Salalah route

July 03, 2017

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat.

Q1. There have been some major accidents on the Muscat-Salalah route in the last few months. is it safe to drive to Salalah?

Fuad Hamoud
Oilfield employee
Driving to Salalah can be safe but one needs to be cautious. I have seen people driving long distances without taking any breaks which can be dangerous. Driving requires concentration and caution.

Salah al Musallami
Driving to Salalah is not safe. It is better to spend a bit more money and fly given that we have many airlines operating services to Salalah nowadays. Flights also help you save on time.

Msellem Salum
Driver It’s better to be careful than sorry when driving. Driving can be an enjoyable experience than flying and it is affordable. If you think you cannot drive long distances, it is best to fly.

Bader al Harthy
Businessman Yes, accidents on the Salalah route are on the higher side but at the same time I must say that safety depends solely on drivers. If the latter is cautious and is not tempted to drive rash, I am sure nothing will happen.

Saif al Harthy
Private sector employee Sadly, in the last few months there have been many accidents. Rash and careless driving are the main reasons for accidents and risks life of both the driver and others. The risk is also more if vehicles are overloaded with passengers.

Abhirup Roy
Private sector employee It is safe to drive on this route. Most of the accidents reported were caused due to speeding. Drivers need to be careful. At the same time, authorities through speed radars and cameras, should impose rules strictly and increase fines like in Dubai. This will compel people to drive safe.

What precautions should be taken while driving to Salalah?

Ghosn al Rashidi
I would not recommend avoiding driving totally as it is a beautiful journey. It is important to do a safety check of the vehicle before going on long distance drives. Some of these are checking the tyres for pressure and tread, battery, coolant and oil. It is also imperative to have a fire extinguisher and water on long trips. It is also important to take regular breaks.

Jokha al Farsi
Government employee
I prefer flying down to such far-off places. But for those who prefer driving, I think they should exercise caution and get their vehicles checked before going on long trips to places like Dhofar. Besides this also ensure regular breaks, avoid overtaking trucks and drink plenty of water.

Mohammed al Amiri
Government employee It is better to take a bus when travelling long distances. And drivers going on long journeys should ensure they do the necessary safety checks for their vehicles before travelling. Using mobile phones while driving is a strict no. Bus owners should also ensure that their vehicles are not overloaded.

Sidra Khan
Student People should drive carefully while driving to Salalah as the roads are slippery. Most accidents happen due to speeding. A lot of accidents also happen as drivers on the route are fatigued. Bus owners operating on the route should ensure drivers are well rested.

Siti Noor
Entrepreneur It is advisable to take a flight since there is a budget airline option now that operates from Muscat to Salalah. I think people should seriously consider flying to Salalah in order to avoid accidents.

Ajitha Vasudevan
Student People can drive to Salalah but precautions must be taken before any long journey. Tyres and fluids of vehicles must be checked, and drivers must be well rested. Also, the roads are so good, the desire to speed needs to be kept in check.

What do you think should be done to bring down accidents and casualties till the dual carriageway is ready?

Shradhanjali Baitharu
The number of accidents being reported every now and then on the Salalah route is quite discouraging for tourists. The dual carriageway should have come up a long time ago. As of now, till the dual carriageway is ready government should check for speeding and impose heavy penalty for reckless driving. This might discourage erring drivers.

Pravat Sahoo
Technical engineer The route is one of the most accident prone ones. The earlier the dual carriageway comes up the better it is. Till then, the ROP should increase fines on speeding and there should be mobile cameras at particular spots. Public awareness campaigns too are important.

Rabi Narayan Tripathy
Credit manager Police vigil on this route should be increased. There should be mobile radars to help check speeding and rash driving. Awareness drives should be held from time to time especially during the holidays when the rush is maximum.

Rasool Baksh
Private sector employee We need better highways connecting Salalah and Muscat. Apart from that, the highways should have more speed cameras and they should also be visible to the commuters so that they know if they overspeed they will be caught. Also, it is better to have two drivers when taking long journeys.

Imran al Zadjali
Banking sector employee Major cause of accidents on the Muscat-Salalah route are speeding and overtaking. Most people are not used to driving on a single lane and so find it difficult to manoeuvre when vehicles come head-on. People who are not comfortable driving in such conditions should avoid it.

Salman al Balushi
Government employee The best solution is to speed up the construction of the dual carriageway. While it is being done, more police patrolling and better surveillance through speed radars are needed for people to be made aware and cautioned at the same time.