Word on the street: Ban on private tuitions

September 10, 2018

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat

Do you think it is good to ban school teachers from offering private tuitions?

Talal Salim al Dhuhli

Private sector employee

If teachers in public and private schools do their job well, tutors will not be necessary. However, in many cases students find it difficult to understand in class and they need special care and attention. A private tutor helps such students keep up with the rest of the class.

Yosra Kriaa

Executive Yes, the ban will now allow teachers to give their full attention to students in class. When engaged in private tuitions many teachers ignore regular classes. This affects the overall level of education and demotivate students who cannot afford the cost of such extra tuitions.

Hasna Michmich

Private sector employee Yes, I am with this decision because it will help students to concentrate when in class. They will ensure their notes are complete as they would not have another option to fall back on.

Abdul Majid

Manager Teachers now won’t be able to exploit the situation and charge hefty fees. They will also not be able to favour those students in school who take private lessons from them. If only schools can provide better and focused education in the first place, there wouldn’t be any need for private tuitions.

Mohammed Shadab

Marketing executive Only few teachers focus more on private tuitions than their school teaching job. However, a majority of teachers work really hard in the school as well as when giving private tuitions. Some students tend to gain a lot from private tuitions so there should be some mechanism to provide extra class facility for them.

With this ban, do you think children who lag behind in class will suffer? How do you think they will get the opportunity to keep up with studies? 

Nitin Sujanani

General manager

I don’t think children will suffer or lag behind in class due to this ban. Rather, teachers now may be more attentive to students.

Krupali Sampath

Commercial manager

 This ban is likely to affect students who find it difficult to cope up in a regular class. Some students cannot concentrate in a group and take time to grasp things. Private tuitions help improve such students.

Abhilash Menon

Executive secretary

I welcome this ban. Schools and school management should act more responsibly in enhancing a child’s educational development. If children lag behind in studies, it is the teacher’s responsibility to push them to do well. Offering tuitions outside school kills the spirit of classroom.

Bhavesh Parmar


Tuitions should be banned. A teacher should teach in a manner that every child in the class understands. If the child still does not understand then provide extra class in school itself. Tuitions take away the time that a child can spend in other activities. This ban will do good to both the teacher and students.

Pinky Junaith

Homemaker Tuitions have their pros and cons. Teaching should be a joint effort of teachers, parents and children. It might help some but not all. Tuitions are mostly not provided for a single child. Most tuition classes comprise around 10-15 children. So if a tutor can explain to a child in the tuition class then why not take the same effort in school.

Jayashree Nitin Mahale


 Tuitions are a burden for the child, parents and teachers too. So it should be banned. The child should try and make an effort to understand things when in school. They should not shy away from clarifying doubts with the teacher. The teacher should make all efforts to explain things to a child when in the classroom and also rope in parents to help the child when at home. A private tutor’s help should be sought only in special cases.

Do you think it is the school’s responsibility to offer every student the required attention to excel in studies?

Rashid Barwani

Private sector employee

Yes. Schools and teachers must be creative and think outside the conventional way. The average class number is about 25-30 students and they should be put into three categories: weak, average and outstanding, so that teachers can change their approach accordingly.

Qabas Abdullah al Keyoumi

Telecom employee

 It is supposed to be a joint responsibility of the school and the family to motivate students. Some students are more motivated with in-class challenges, others are more eager to learn at home.

Mohammed Abu Bakar

Project manager

Indeed, it is the school’s responsibility to offer every student the required attention while at school. Parents should also help their children but not in just hiring extra tuition teachers. Tuitions spoil a child as they become dependent and will never get the drive to study on their own.

Salim Noumani

Senior manager

Yes, I think it’s also very important to choose good teachers. A person might be good in a subject, and even have a doctorate in it but if he/she cannot pass that knowledge along, there is no point in hiring him/her as a teacher.

Senthil Kumar Balasubramanian

Senior manager

Schools should identify students who need additional help in a subject and offer additional classes in school itself. There should be no additional cost for such classes.

Ali al Amri


Yes, I believe it is the school’s responsibility. Maybe an innovative way to solve this problem would be to ask the top performers in a subject to stay after school and volunteer a few minutes to help their fellow classmates.

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