Word on the street: Countering obesity

October 31, 2017

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat

Do you think organising a weight loss challenge is a good way to create awareness about obesity? What else can be done to create awareness?

Rinku Tandon, Homemaker

A weight loss challenge is one of the ways to create awareness about obesity. Consuming junk food will have less effect on the body if one indulges in physical activity. Workplaces too can promote health awareness by compelling people to indulge in some sort of physical activity every day.

Al Said Masood, Lawyer

No challenge will help till one is driven from within. People indulge in physical activity after the damage is done. Why wait to be obese? One should say no to junk food whether fat or not. And if it is difficult to resist the temptation look for healthy substitutes.

Daffallah Bakheit, Lawyer

Weight loss challenge is a temporary solution. What after the challenge is over. Technology has made life easier by reducing physical activity. But it is up to people to find solutions. Do simple exercises at home and walk as much as you can. Take the staircase instead of the lift, both at home and office.

Ahmed al Farsi, Government employee

It is a fantastic initiative to create awareness about obesity. People tend to get motivated when asked to undertake challenges in groups especially in a competitive and rewarding environment.

Jahanzaib Khan, Private sector employee

I think this initiative will begin on a positive note as we have no major activities in Oman as far as physical health and fitness are concerned. Every individual is doing their own bit. I think such challenges will promote a culture to work out together and stay healthy.

Pooja S, Blogger

I think this was a much-needed initiative to encourage people to get healthier. Such competitions and activities would surely encourage people to get back into shape. I think such initiatives should be encouraged by other organisations too and made accessible to everyone for a minimum fee.

Do you think today’s lifestyle forces people to be sedentary, which leads to obesity and related diseases?

Mohammed Ikbal, Manager

Life has become very tough these days and most people have become workaholics. They focus only on work and ignore health. This is a big cause for obesity.

Azizur Rahman, Businessman

Lack of physical activity is the major cause for obesity. With the advent of electronic goods like television, video games and home theatre systems people have stopped moving out of their homes. Even if they do, they avoid taking the stairs and prefer taking elevators. With such habits one is bound to gain weight.

Helal Uddin, Private sector employee

Fast food, easy communication and long hours of sitting in office may be a boon during the fast-paced life today, but it has made most people lazy. People prefer to sit and work for long hours and earn so that they can save well by their retirement but forget about their health.

Shoieb Ahmed Khan, Lab technician

We all today lead a really stressful and sedentary life either glued to laptops, TV or mobile phones. The advent of social media platforms has only added to the inactive life. And inactivity is what causes obesity.

Ayesha Suri, Textile designer

Most people today are living an unhealthy life prone to diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and other lifestyle-related diseases. Companies should see that their employee work in a stress-free environment and take care of their health. Such initiatives will only increase productivity.

Syed Mohammed Habeebullah Hussaini, SAP operator

The kind of lifestyle that we lead is what causes the maximum number of diseases. Irregular eating and sleep patterns combined with sedentary jobs only add to the diseases today. Anxiety, depression are some of the other causes of diseases.

Do you think increase in taxes on junk food will help people in cutting down intake and be more health conscious?

Anwar Jamal, Technician

Increasing taxes on junk food or soft drinks would have no effect on people. As those who are addicted to such food items would not mind paying more. Campaigns spreading awareness regarding the dangers involved would be more effective.

Zwena Sufian, Homemaker

Taxing junk food is a good move to curb consumption. People would think twice before buying it or would at least reduce the intake even if such food items are made expensive.

Abdullah al Naamani, Bank employee

Tax imposed on junk food and soft drinks may reduce intake to a certain extent. But those who want and cannot do without such foods will pay whatever be the price.

Hossam El Din Bahgat, Teacher

It may help reduce to a certain extent, but it is not a complete solution. It is important that people understand the importance of having healthy food. Awareness regarding the harmful effects of junk food will help people change their eating patterns.

Mustafa Ismail, Teacher

Increasing taxes on junk food and drinks will help people cut intake. However, it is important to understand that exercise is the best way to lose weight.

Walid al Hajri, Auto mechanic

Raising taxes will not solve this problem. People have to understand that obesity is a health challenge and it is only with determination that people can shed weight. Reducing the intake of fatty or sugary food items and exercising are some ways to lead a healthy life.