Word on the street: Drifting practices in Oman

July 10, 2017

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat.

How can the youth be discouraged from engaging in illegal drifting? Is the fine of RO500 and three-month jail enough?


Abdulrahman al Zadjali, Private sector employee

We need more spaces like the one at the Oman Automobile Association premises. There is a need for such places to be accessible beyond the regular working hours, like late in the night so that the youth don’t think of using roads as their playgrounds. The fines, I feel, are more than enough to deter people from engaging in illegal car drifting.


Meer Waheed

Meer Waheed, Financial sector

The only way to reduce such behaviour is through awareness and having many more avenues for regulated drifting practices. I feel the fines are enough. It is just that the youth should be engaged in a sustained campaign educating them about the safe driving habits and using only authorised areas for drifting.


Mohd Rafi

Mohammad Rafi, Accountant

Proper education and awareness regarding the ill-effects of bad road behaviour is the key in reducing illegal drifting. With fines, I think repeat offenders should be treated with a lot more strictness and their cars impounded for at least three months.



Vijay Kumar Shetty, Cost controller

I doubt fines will discourage them. There should be declared drifting zones where those interested can pursue the hobby. One should not be strict in dealing with the youth who want to indulge in drifting for fun. You just need to give them some space. I am sure this will help.



Mustafa Ali al Nasri, Technologist

There must be strict action against the person who is caught drifting in an unauthorised spot. If that person is a holder of a driving licence then it should be cancelled. Getting a driving licence is very difficult here and none would like to part with it. I doubt fines will deter such people.



Daanish Syed, Legal consultant

Stringent action taken against youth has always backfired. This is an age when one has to be patient in dealing with youth. Awareness about the ill-effects of drifting can discourage them from indulging in illegal drifting.

Do you think Oman has enough proper drifting arenas?

Fuad al farsi

Fuad al Farsi, Oil field technician

I don’t think there are enough drifting arenas in the country. We need more of these all over Oman. People like me who enjoy watching drifting need to see more of this sport. Many youth engage in illegal drifting because of lack of proper arenas.


Hamad Amour

Hamad Amour, Poet

Yes, I think Oman has proper drifting arenas to meet the demand. I am glad that drifting championships at the Middle East level are organised here too. We are proud of the events. I hope that more drifting arenas will come up across Oman.


Marwan Sameer

Marwan Sameer, Student

There are no proper drifting arenas in Oman. I only know of the one at the Oman Automobile Association premises. There is a need for more. We have heard of drifting stunts going horribly wrong on roads outside Muscat leading to accidents.


Mohammad Uddin Sachchu

Mohammad Uddin Sachchu, Businessman

There aren’t many drifting facilities in Oman. There are youngsters who love drifting but such facilities are far and few. The authorities should come up with such facilities in places like Qurm.

Mousa al Rawahi

Mousa al Rawahi, Film editor

There are, but the problem is that these facilities are far away from the city. I think that there must be more such facilities in and around the neighbourhood. I have seen young people drifting on city roads which is quite dangerous.



Mohammad Khalid, Driver

Drifting is risky and I feel that it must be discouraged. If a stunt goes wrong, it could be life threatening. There is one such facility in Muscat and I don’t think that there is a need for more considering the risks involved.

Would strict monitoring of garages offering illegal modifications help?

Rajul Mehta

Rajul Mehta, Homemaker

I don’t think prohibiting such modifications will help. It will only increase their allure. I think the authorities have taken the right decision by organising safe, sanctioned events. I just hope the youth drifting on roads wise up and do their tricks in a safe environment.


Daksha Sampat

Daksha Sampat, Homemaker

Yes. I think the authorities should tackle this issue on many fronts. An increase in traffic cameras, a larger police presence, stricter penalties, monitoring garages and public awareness campaigns should help reduce this menace.


Jiyesh Abraham

Jiyesh Abraham, Sales manager

Prohibiting modifications would only affect some as high-end cars can be purchased with drifting capabilities from the factory. Monitoring to make sure the modifications are done with standard parts is the way to go in my opinion.


Shihab al habsi

Shihab al Habsi, Racing driver

I don’t think that this strategy of simply monitoring garages will work. These garages must be made to follow the rules and regulations related to drifting.


Omar Abdel salam

Omar Abdel Salam, Customer service officer

Unfortunately, some garage owners modify cars for drifting using sub-standard spare parts. This is dangerous. Therefore, the concerned authorities must tighten the supervision of these garages. People also should be made aware of the dangers related to illegal drifting practices.


Majid al Busaidi

Majid al Busaidi, Student

If one garage indulges in illegal modification of cars, this encourages others to do the same. I believe that strict monitoring will ensure that these garages don’t indulge in such activities and play a role in preventing road accidents.

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