Word on the street: Holidays and travel

November 27, 2017

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat

Are you happy that long holidays were announced well in advance this time? Did it help you plan your holidays better?

Ibrahim al Sanani, Lawyer

Yes, we have already planned our itinerary. We plan to travel to a foreign destination. There were some excellent travel packages and thanks to the early announcement we could avail the offer.

Al Muntasir al Faraji, Job seeker

I am happy that the government announced the holidays early this time which gave people time to plan trips. We plan to visit some places in the country such as Jebel Akhdar and Al Hoota Cave.

Iman al Shamsi, Trainer

The early announcement of holidays this time will surely benefit a lot of people. I plan to tour some domestic tourist places such as forts and Salalah. We also plan to visit gardens and some malls in Muscat.

Emran Shaikh, Finance manager

Yes, the holidays were announced well in advance. I am happy that I could finalise my travel plan in time.

Ahmed Khan, Engineer

People had the option to plan their holidays a week in advance this time. However, tickets to many destinations were still quite expensive.

Saqlain Chandio, Student

Fortunately, this time holidays were announced in time. I am also glad that we got more days than expected.

Do you feel hard pressed to look for options within the country, whenever long holidays are announced?

Mohammad Arshad, Private sector employee

There are many travel options in Oman. From seas, desert camps, trekking to dolphin and turtle watching, Oman offers a variety to travellers. I have explored many and the next on my visit list are the seaside resorts and hotels in the country.

Ujjwal Kantidas, Businessman

Oman has ample natural beauty and I am spoilt for choice whenever holidays are announced. I prefer going to places that have not yet been discovered.

Saif al Harthy, Private sector employee

Oman has too many options to choose from but many sites lack proper infrastructure. It is difficult finding good budget hotels if one plans to venture out.

Abdulmajeed al Balushi , Businessman

 Oman has lots of travel options, but it is unfortunate to see many looking only for foreign destinations. The sultanate has something for all kinds of travellers. Moreover, the pleasant weather at present makes it an ideal time to explore places.

Ijaz Masood Rana,Manager

I don’t think Oman has enough places to visit if we compare it with neighbouring countries. Authorities need to come up with more entertainment facilities and develop tourist sites further. Only this would stop people from looking for holiday options abroad.

Rubin Kuriakose, Pharmacist

Oman has many tourist sites. It is the best place to be with family as the places here offer relaxation and peace. It is worth  spending holidays in Oman than going anywhere abroad.

What can be done to promote domestic tourism? What additional services are required?

Ahmed al Ghawi, Lawyer

Aggressive marketing strategies should be formulated to promote local tourism. Besides, it is also essential to have airports that match international standards. Social media platforms too should be used to the fullest to promote various tourist sites. It is important authorities ensure that all categories of tourists are catered to.

Mohammed Mobeen, Area manager

 Visa rules should be relaxed further. More budget travel packages should be introduced so that more people can visit the country. Every tourist wants to know the tradition and culture of the country so travellers should be encouraged to visit during events like Muscat Festival.

Biplaba Nanda Hota, Senior engineer

Today, we have two categories of tourists, one who does not mind splurging, and the other who wants to travel a lot but spend less. So, it is important that countries consider all types of visitors. Oman should be able to reach out to all categories of tourists.

Subashri S, Marketing executive

 There should be more fairs, festivals and events that promote local culture and traditions. These activities keep people busy and they spend more time in the country. The hotels, too, should offer discounts to residents so that they do not think of spending holidays abroad.

Sidra Khan, Student

 A good way of promoting local tourism is by giving good offers and packages to explore the country. Oman can make use of its fantastic beaches and mountains to host many sporting activities.

Aisha Lama, Private sector employee

To encourage more people to stay back and spend money in the country, authorities should come up with more adventure activities. We also need more water and amusement parks that offer entertainment options to the entire family.