Word on the street: Hotel services

April 02, 2017

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat.

Do you think hotel room rates in Oman are still high even though many new ones are coming up?

Shamsuddin Parkar, Instrumentation engineer

Yes, hotel rates are high despite the entry of many new ones. I had heard about plans to open budget hotels as well but haven’t seen any yet.

Ahmed al Hinai, Private sector employee

Hotel rates are still high when compared to other countries. The occupancy is also usually low. Hotels in Oman should try and keep rates in mid-range so that more families can opt for staycations.

Dawood al Kindi, Private sector employee

Hotel rates are usually higher in Oman and they are not reduced even if the occupancy is less. The new hotels that have come up are more expensive. The Hotel rates are quite high in Oman. There is a need for budget hotels so that travellers with mid-level budget too can enjoy the beauty of Oman. Cheaper an the ones that exist.

Mohammed Kabasi, Service supervisor

Hotels will encourage more local tourists to travel within the sultanate.

Dhanesh Menon, Sales manager

At least new hotels that are coming up should have affordable rates to lure more customers. This is essential if you want to develop tourism.

Mohammed al Wahaibi, Private sector employee

Hotel rates in Oman are very high. To encourage more travellers to Oman, it is important that the hotel industry reduces rates.

With the new high-end hotels coming up in Oman, do you think there is also a need for more affordable/mid-range hotels?

Sankar C, Assistant marketing manager

I read a report few days ago which said that Oman attracted around 3mn tourists in 2016. This is nothing. Oman has the potential to attract double that number if it focuses on building mid-range hotels. It’s the key to attract millions of tourists who travel on minimum budget. Such tourists prefer to spend minimum on accommodation.

Manoj Padhi, Country manager

Tourism is the new oil for countries in the Gulf region. Dubai is a leading example. The city has many low budget hotels which offer rates as low as AED200 (approx RO20). In Oman, you won’t find such cheap hotels. Most people don’t prefer spending too much on hotels unless staying with family.

Mohammed Khalifa al Masroori, Student

There are too many high-end hotels in Oman. Most tourists need budget hotels. This can only happen if a potential investor can tap into this segment. A lot of websites today offer comparative prices to help tourists choose what suits them best.

Naushad Kabeer, Managing director

The hotel industry has improved. Tourism was never the top priority for Oman till a few years ago as revenues from oil were enough to run the country. Now, the country is slowly building up its capacity. The number of tourist arrivals has gone up and this explains that there are enough hotel options available in the country.

Iman Mohammed al Hadidi, Nurse

Oman is yet to tap its tourism potential fully. We have enough four and five-star hotel options. The first thing a tourist looks for is accommodation that gives value for money. Omanis are known for their hospitality and we can tap into this segment by offering more ‘bed and breakfast’ options.

Kadambini Samal, Homemaker

Oman has to decide what segment of tourists it is targeting. If it is only looking at high-end tourists, then there are enough options available. But if the country is looking at numbers, then there is a need to come up with more affordable hotel options.

How satisfied are you with the services offered at hotels in Oman?

Sami al Hinai, Accountant

Hotel services offered in Oman are quite good. Most of them are quite big brands. The staff at most of these places are well-trained and helpful.

Hussein al Mazrouqi, Government employee

Services offered by hotels in Oman are quite good but there is scope for improvement. I have only tried the dining options. Most should announce good offers and deals so that more people can try their dine-in options even if they don’t intend to stay.

Sheryar Munir, Marketing executive

I have mostly experienced services of hotels for dining and sports facilities in Oman. I think the services are good but quite expensive.

Zunaira Ahmed, Marketing executive

Hotels in Oman are very expensive. Staff too need to be trained better. My friend who recently hosted a wedding reception at a hotel in Oman was quite disappointed with the services offered. The whole event was a mess. This was probably because the staff was new and still undergoing training.

Jahnazaib Khan, Private sector employee

I am quite satisfied with the services offered by hotels in Oman. They are improving.

Geetha Nair, Private sector employee

I have only tried dining at hotels in Oman. I think the food at most places is good but majority of them need to work on the rates to get more