Word on the street: New Muscat airport and tourism

December 25, 2017

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat

What are your expectations about the new Muscat International Airport?

Areej Ahmed al Touqi, Finance executive
I expect it to be among the top airports in the region. An airport is the first point of contact with a country. I expect the new airport to give a good impression of Oman.

Hariharasudan Durairajan, Deputy manager
The sneak preview of the video footage released looks spectacular. Also, services such as parking reservation and speedy check-points will enhance passenger experience.

Al Motasam al Nadabi, Supervisor, credit control
We’ve all been eagerly awaiting the opening of the new Muscat International Airport. It will play a major supporting role for local airlines. The new convention centre and the new hotels in the Airport Heights district will only add to Muscat’s infrastructure.

Jomy Thomas, Private sector employee
I expect the new airport to be a great addition to the beauty of Oman. It looks grand and massive. It will add value to the people and the economy of the country. I hope there are more eGates so that residents can exit with ease. I also hope the taxi rates at this airport are reasonable.

Mohammed Murshed, Manager
I hope the new airport will have more duty free options with better prices. I also wish the food court has more options. A great plus would be if the new airport has more exchange houses. It would be great if there are more phone facilities so that visitors can call friends or relatives easily when they arrive.

Sayeed Mohammed Jahangir , Private sector employee
One of the biggest issues a traveller faces is getting the right directions. I hope the new airport has interactive maps, electronic boards and assistants to help first-time visitors. The authorities should see that passenger carts are not restricted to the elderly or disabled.

What will it do for the tourism sector?

Bashar al Mandhari, Bank manager
The new airport will be of great help, but more attention needs to be accorded to other services. We need to develop tourist places so that more visitors can explore the beautiful places here.

Ali al Shikeli, Public relations director
I don’t think the new airport will boost tourism in a big way. A lot more needs to be done to develop the tourism infrastructure of the country so that visitors get the best.

Salah al Alawi, Technician
No doubt, the new airport will have a good impact on every visitor to Oman. However, another aspect that needs attention is the tourist visa procedure which should be made easier. The airport authorities should also work with the Ministry of Tourism and other travel agencies to promote tourism.

Maher al Barwani, Private sector employee
The airport will support Oman’s efforts to boost tourism and help country’s economy rebound. It will also create a lot of opportunities for job seekers in the country.

Talal Salim al Dhuli, Private sector employee
Yes, Muscat International Airport is one of the most important airports in the world as it connects East to the West. Moreover, it will show the visitors the strides of development made by Oman.

Ali al Shiadi, Engineer
The new airport will have a vital role in developing the economic, cultural, social and tourist environments of the country. It will help attract more tourists from around the world. Oman has other airports such as Sohar and Salalah, which will also support tourist movement.

Do you think other airports in Oman are good enough or need improvements?

Gautam Mohanty, Vice president, projects
My experience with Salalah Airport was not great. The facilities were not at par with any international airport. It is new and well-maintained but lacks many services.

Kadambini Samal, Homemaker
Salalah Airport is good. Since, Dhofar is a tourist destination the airport has been built keeping this in mind. However, the Sohar Airport does not see much footfall as it lacks many services. We are now awaiting the opening of the new Muscat International Airport, as we have been told that it will have state-of-the-art facilities.

Sudipti Mohanty, Homemaker
The Salalah Airport is very good. It is spacious, neat and clean. A lot of tourists throng Salalah and so it offers all basic services.
Neeru Ahluwalia, Private sector employee

Salalah Airport needs further development, considering the number of visitors during the khareef season. Customer service is one of the areas which needs improvement.

Arjun P V, Private sector employee
I travel a lot within Oman. Recently, I was at the Duqm Airport and found it was good. But, there is always scope for improvement.

Sandeep Bhatt, Entrepreneur
The new Muscat airport seems to have world-class facilities. However, we cannot compare it to other smaller airports in the country. I am sure authorities will look at developing each airport as the demand arises.

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