Word on the street: Safe driving practices

July 31, 2017

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat.

According to you, what is the most dangerous habit that affects road users negatively in the sultanate?


Amina Yusra, IT professional

Speeding is the main cause of accidents. Also, one should never drive if tired. People who keep on driving even if they are tired will have less reaction time to apply brakes. In such a situation, the results could be pretty scary.


Usman Waheed, Private sector employee

The most dangerous habit is the kick one gets from driving fast. People should also take into account the importance of driving safely. People are usually tempted to overtake or overspeed.


Karthik Narayan, Engineer

The most dangerous habit is using smartphones. People get distracted while texting/messaging or talking to someone over the phone. I think something must be done to control this habit while driving.


Ilhaam Nayeem, Student

Speeding is the most dangerous habit while driving. May be empty roads encourage people to drive fast. I think safe driving practices should be instilled at an early age so that children become responsible humans.


Naila al Musalmy, Homemaker

People should take a call before driving - whether he is stressed, feeling sleepy or tired. It’s the most important decision you make as it affects your and other people’s lives.

Do you think the recent decision to lower the speed limits in some parts of Muscat will bring down accidents?

Taha Hussain al Zadjali

Taha Hussain al Zadjali, Safety officer

It is a good move by the authorities, which will help check speeding on city roads and ultimately bring down accidents. However, we need more radars on the roads where speed has been reduced, like Darsait to Wadi Kabir road, as people are still seen breaking the specified limit.

Manoj Anchan

Manoj Anchan, Financial sector

High-speed limits within city is not always the best thing for safe road transport. Authorities recognising that is a good thing. We hope more such measures are taken to curb speeding and bring down resulting injuries and deaths.

Najeeb al Balushi

Najeeb al Balushi, Private sector employee

Lowering the limits will obviously help in reducing accidents but there are many who continue to flout the rules. People still drive at 120km/hr where the limit is 100km/hr and 100km/hr where it is 80km/hr, and only slow down seeing a speed camera.

Uzair Asgar

Uzair Asgar, Businessman

Of course bringing down speed limits helps in having safer roads and it is a good move by the authorities. We still need better surveillance to keep a check on rogue drivers as it is only a few who break the rules and create problems for others.

Saleh al Maskari

Saleh al Maskari, Banker

Speeding is the main cause of most accidents. Reducing the speed limits will surely boost confidence of those drivers who were intimidated by fast-moving traffic. It will also help check those speeding and bullying others on roads. 

Do you think young people tend to speed excessively more often than older drivers on our roads? If so, how can this be controlled?


Jamal al Hadi

Jamal al Hadi, Director of media

Youth have a tendency to drive fast. This can be controlled by taking several steps. Traffic-related education should begin at school and home. The young should be asked as to why they love speeding and at the same time be taught about the negative effects of speeding. The ROP should also spread awareness via all media channels.

Mohammad Zohaibjpg

Mohammad Zohaib, Chartered accountant

No law can deter the youngsters from speeding. Instead, if they are taught in schools about the negative effects of speeding like accidents, then it might help. Oman has world-class roads which tempt many to speed. Even the older drivers speed but not as much as the youth.

Asad Butt

Asad Butt, Leasing executive

Bringing down the speed limits cannot help in deterring youngsters from speeding. There are many other ways that ROP can exercise to achieve that goal. There should be awareness sessions in schools.

Mohammed al Farsi

Mohammed al Farsi, Student

Yes, young people tend to drive fast. This can be controlled by creating more awareness about the dangers of speeding. Both the authorities and parents should work together to spread the message to the youth about the dangers of speeding. One wise word of caution can save their lives.

Anwar Abdullah

Anwar Abdullah, Businessman

Definitely, they do. Although speed cameras are almost everywhere, I still feel further steps need to be initiated to avoid road accidents. Since, it is difficult to control their driving habits, experts can hold classes on safe driving practices.

How can rash drivers be kept off our roads ?

Sudhin Vasu

Sudhin Vasu, Filmmaker

Oman has an automobile association which can play a great role in spreading awareness among people. They organise lots of auto events with safety measures in place. We can learn a lot from these events like driving fast doesn’t mean that it has to be rash driving.

Hemanth Surendran

Hemanth Surendran, Private sector employee

I think the best way is to organise exhibitions and events showcasing the negative impacts of rash driving. It has been found that such events do play an important role in implementing safe driving practices.

Sajid Hooti 2

Sajid Hooti, Businessman

The best way is to impose high fines to deter other rash drivers. If that doesn’t work out, the person’s licence should be revoked or he should be jailed to deter other violators.

Afrah Nizar

Afraah Nizar, Student

I think the ROP is doing a good job in reducing the number of accidents through several measures. The public too should spread the message of safe driving practices in communities. Events like road traffic exhibitions help people to know about the dangers of rash driving.

Noorul Hayat

Noorul Hayat, Homemaker

The only way to keep rash drivers off roads is through increasing the fine amount. Besides, there should be increased police patrolling to catch such offenders red-handed. Once they are penalised often, they should hopefully drive safely.

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