Word on the street: Seatbelt laws and rear seat riders

August 14, 2017

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat.

Road safety organisations, people have been mooting for a law for back-seat passengers to belt up. What do you think?


Shashikala Shetty, Homemaker

Wearing safety belts should be made compulsory for passengers in the rear seat as they are the worst-affected in case of an accident. Buckling up prevents occupants from being tossed around or being ejected out of windshield in the event of a collision. This measure is important considering the high speed limit in this part of the world.


Suprathim, Restaurant manager

Yes, seat belts should be made compulsory for all. Air bags are a safety feature but are present only in high-end vehicles. A seat belt offers a lot of advantages and it could be a life-saver. In most cases, you see the most affected in road accidents are children and women travelling in the rear seat of the vehicle.


Arun Kumar , Senior legal consultant

The pictures published of accident sites in newspapers are horrifying enough to prove what high speed can do. Though seat belts are a vital safety measure, it is more important to reduce speed limits.

Adil al balushi

Adil al Balushi, Insurance advisor

In Oman, the speed limit is quite high even within the city at many places. So, it becomes imperative for rear seat passengers to belt up. Unless there is a law, people will not follow it as most are unaware of the dangers involved.

Fahad mohammad

Fahad Mohammed, Financial sector

All developed countries are going for tougher road safety laws and it is time Oman too makes it mandatory for rear seat passengers to buckle up. What is there to lose? No one has to make any extra effort to follow such a rule. It will only save lives and reduce injuries.

salim Javed

Salim Javed, Software developer

Dubai earlier this year made it mandatory for all car passengers to wear seat belts. Oman too should consider making it compulsory to reduce accident fatalities and injuries as the traffic conditions are quite similar.

What do you think of organisations calling for a law on making child seats mandatory?


Nadra al Amri, IT expert

It is good to see that more people are realising the importance of having child seats in vehicles. Oman has a high traffic fatality rate which includes a lot of children.


Lubna al Kindi, Businesswoman

I think it is an excellent idea to make child seats mandatory because people are often careless and do not realise the importance of having one. Besides, safety seats, many parents even leave their children unattended in vehicles.

Zwena al Naamani

Zwena al Naamani, Clerk

My child’s safety is my number one priority. Child seats not only reduce injuries during an accident but also act as a bed, carrier and stroller while on the go.

Adeel Safdar Chohan

Adeel Safdar Chohan, Legal advisor

A law to make child safety seats mandatory is the need of the hour. People should take care to buckle up their children even when travelling in mini-buses, taxis and cabs. It is the responsibility of a driver to ensure that all passengers including children are safely buckled up.

Saada al Tauqi

Saada al Touqi, Receptionist

It is important to care for children’s safety. Whenever I see parents holding their babies in cars, I feel they are vulnerable to fatal injuries. Parents should be made aware of the dangers involved.

What other measures do you think are needed to ensure better road safety?


Emran Sheikh,Finance manager

There are enough rules laid to ensure road safety. Most accidents happen when people ignore these rules such as speeding and using mobile phones while driving. Drivers should avoid indulging in things that can be a distraction.


Alizeh Raza, Private sector employee

It is important to put into practice what we preach. The government should raise fine amounts and enforce stricter punishments for offenders. These measures are enough to bring down the number of accidents.  



Lizbeth Love, Nurse

Accidents happen when you don’t follow traffic rules. For example, one can see many bus drivers transporting schoolchildren talking on the phone while driving. They also drive rash. Most boys travelling in such buses too are not buckled up and can be seen running around in the bus.


Ahsan Shazad, Product manager

Road safety is a topic that is repeatedly discussed everywhere. I feel more research is required to ascertain the underlying problems. Authorities are putting in the required efforts. Now, it is time for road users to do their part by abiding by the rules.


Shruthi Narendar, Private sector employee

Road users should follow safety advisories when travelling. For example, if you feel sleepy while driving take a break. It is a good idea to have small resting places on long routes such as the Muscat-Salalah one.

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