Word on the street: Smartphones and us

September 18, 2017

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat.

Are you paranoid about losing your mobile phone? What problems do you foresee in case you lose it?

Hamad Khamis

Hamad Khamis, Engineer

Yes, mobile phone is an integral part of our life today. I have a lot of documents, contact details and photographs stored on my phone. I would be really worried if I lose so much information.

Najma al Sukri

Najma al Sukri, Accountant

Losing an expensive phone is a cause of concern. What makes it more dear is the kind of personal data and other information stored. I consider phone as a part of me because it has everything I want. Losing it will mean collecting all the information again.

Hamoud al Musallami

Hamoud al Musallami, Travel consultant

I am not too worried about losing my phone because I don’t trust such gadgets with personal data. One day it may crash or get lost. So, it is better to use a basic model which will serve its purpose only as a communication tool.

Margaret Anne Curay

Margaret Anne Curay, Hotel employee

It is normal to feel bad when you lose something. However, I won’t be too worried for a smartphone, because nowadays you have the option of storing data through cloud computing services.

John Tariq

John Tariq, School staff

Losing one’s phone can make people paranoid because of the type of data stored on it. Data such as passwords if accessed by someone else could land one in trouble.

Ailline Grace Dimaano

Ailline Grace Dimaano , Guest service agent

I have lots of documents, photos and contact details of people stored on my phone. My life would be empty without it.

How glued or addicted are you to your phone? Would it matter if you don’t have your phone for a day or two?

Abdul Rahman, govt employee

Abdul Rahman, Government employee

I am neither addicted nor stay glued to my phone. I use it when there is a need for it. But I tend to spend some time on it whenever I get free, which is not good. I feel smartphones make us less active socially as well as physically.

Imran al zadjali

Imran al Zadjali, Banking sector

Mobile phone has become an extension of our lives, without which most of us feel lost. There is an urge to constantly check for updates on phones even though when we can do without it. It seems to be an upsetting thought to go without the phone for even a couple of days.

junaid hashmi

Junaid Hashmi, Manager

My work is such that I can’t be on phone all the time. I mostly use it for calling people but during my free time, I spend quite a few hours on it as I live alone. Phone helps me connect with people back home. It won’t matter much if I am not active on my phone, although my parents back home would be worried.

Waheed al Balushi

Waheed al Balushi, Manager

I cannot manage without my phone beyond a day or two as my personal as well as professional life revolves around it. I don’t sit glued to my phone, but I need it to be in touch with friends and for work.

zubair al balushi

Zubair al Balushi, Private sector employee

Today, we can’t do without phones as our social and professional contacts are stored on smartphones. But it would be a good idea to go without it for a day or two to see how I manage and better utilise my time.

meer yasin-student

Meer Yasin, Student

You can’t call me an addict, because phone is a necessity today. If we don’t have it around us, we kind of miss it. We need it to be up-to-date with what is happening in the college as well as for getting vital information, required for study purposes or just news and other stuff.

How much time do you spend on your smartphone at work? Would it be fair to restrict the use of smartphones at work?


Essay Ezhilarasan , Senior nuclear med physicist

It depends on the amount of work I have and whether it requires a phone. Today, smartphones have become a way of life. My life revolves around my smartphone. It would be unfair to restrict its usage at workplace.


Sanjit Swain, Unit manager

A mobile phone today is more than just a communication tool, it also connects you to the Internet. I use my smartphone at workplace only when needed.


Tahar Khalfan al Sabahi, Coordinator, information department

You can find people busy checking messages on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter in most offices. I usually keep my smartphone on silent mode in office. It’s difficult to restrict phone usage in offices. Individuals should use their discretion and see that work is not affected.


Manoj Kumar Behera, Software engineer

It’s difficult to calculate the time spent, but I usually check messages whenever I am free. Most offices don’t provide access to social media platforms on personal computer to ensure that employees concentrate on work.


Yaqoub bin Yousuf al Balushi, Innovation specialist

These days a person’s life revolves around smartphones. Many official communications are received through emails and even on WhatsApp. So, it has become an absolute necessity. Those in sales and marketing areas are always on the move. For them, time management is the key. Lots of work is done through smartphones to save time.


Amer Nasser al Rahbi, Translator 

It will be unfair if any office comes out with a smartphone usage policy. Smartphones help you stay in touch with your family and friends in any part of the world through social media platforms like WhatsApp. A lot of work today gets done through the phone.