Word on the street: Technology and education

March 20, 2017

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat.

Do you think the use of Internet and mobile phones is affecting children’s education? Why?

Romaisa C, Student
Yes, excessive use of Internet and mobile phones is affecting children’s performance in academics. It is often seen that children who are more exposed to mobile phones or other such gadgets have problems concentrating and get easily distracted.

Saqlain Chandio, Student
A recent study has found that excessive use of technology leaves children fatigued and even reduces interest in studies.

Ayesha Suri, Textile designer
Internet and mobile phones affect children’s performance in education as well as their all-round development. Children who spend more time glued to smartphones tend to copy ideas from the Internet than come up with new ideas.

Lalit Nikam, Finance executive
Several studies suggest that excessive use of Internet and mobile phones affects social skills of children. Studies also show that such children when not using gadgets often feel depressed, cranky and anxious.

Niraj Ramaiya, Businessman
Yes, smartphones are hampering children’s development. Most of the content circulated on social media platforms is bound to have an adverse effect on children as it is unfiltered.

Mohsina Shah, Finance executive
Excessive use of smartphones can be scary as children can get addicted to them. Apart from lack of social skills, children glued to Internet and smartphones are also more prone to falling prey to cybercrimes as they think the virtual world is a reality.


Is it right for parents to deny children access to technology especially now that it is trendy?

Ashajyoti Das, Homemaker
Parents should allow children access to technology not because it is trendy but because it is fundamental in learning and communication today. Some parents think technology is a trend that needs to be blindly followed. This could land their children in trouble because there will always be a possibility of misuse. Parents when providing children access to laptop and mobile phones or to any other electronic goods must monitor and teach what is right and wrong.

Marwa Kabir, Marketing executive
Parents are children’s first teachers. So, it is their responsibility to teach the child to differentiate between right and wrong. Technology can only offer a virtual world which can be an impediment in the growth of children. Instead, it is best that parents start off by introducing their children to books which will not only help educate them but will also widen their creativity.

Samikshya Satpathy, Administration assistant
Endless hours in front of computers and on social networking sites will not help children become aware of the world around them. All the geniuses that we have today, never had access to any computers or social networking sites in their childhood but they still made it big.

Diksha Shetty, Nuclear medicine technologist
Parents should allow children access to computers, mobiles and different sites but with limitations. Do not let children become slaves of machines. Parents should know where to draw the line.

Padmaja Dash, Homemaker
Most parents give in to the demands of children even if they are unjustified. That is why parenting today is different from what it was decades ago. Today, parents do not talk to their children instead exchange emails and messages over social networking sites. But will emails or social networking sites help convey your feelings to the other person?

Anwar Mansoor al Zakwani, Engineer
Today children do not play basketball on the court but in the virtual world. All thanks to parents who do not realise when and how to limit the use of technology among children. Parents give in to children’s demands as they think it is a trend that is a must to stay updated.


At what age do you think should children be allowed to use Internet and mobile phones?

Arun Ramachandran, Marketing manager
Children should be allowed to use Internet and mobile phones when they are about 16 years old. By this age, they know how and what to focus on in life.

Ayesha Lama, Student
Children should be provided with smartphones once they are adept in social interaction. At around 16, children also become old enough to handle the dangers of the virtual world and have a better understanding.

Selvarajan, CFO
I think children should be given phones when they are 16 years old. That is the time when they need to interact online or become a part of the virtual world as they are on the threshold of starting their careers.

Novera Asif, Teacher
Children should be provided with smart gadgets when they are between 16 and 17 years. At this age, they have a better sense of right and wrong and need more access to information.

Sana Ammar, Homemaker
Children should be introduced to phones only at the age of 15 or 16 years. This gives them the opportunity to explore the online world responsibly.

Marhoun Khalfan al Saidi, Manager
Children should be provided with access to smartphones when they are only 16 or 17 years old.