Word on the street: The true spirit of Ramadan

May 21, 2018

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat

What does Ramadan mean to you and how does it inspire you to be a better person?

Sabra Nasser al Maskari

Medical coordinator

Ramadan is an important time for me, as I introspect. Fasting is like prayer which reminds us of Allah’s presence in our lives. It leads to spiritual cleansing.

Nassir al Abri

Government employee

Ramadan is the fourth pillar of Islam. It is the month of fasting and worship, forgiveness and closeness to God. It is the month to come back to Allah by doing what he pleases. It is the month that binds Muslims across the world.

Lamees Said al Rasbi

Civil engineer

 Ramadan is the time to reconsider our actions. It is the time to rethink about what we do and improve our character for the sake of God.

Areej Ahmed al Touqi

Senior insurance officer

Ramadan is very special to me. Fasting makes people more thankful for what they have. It definitely inspires me to be a better person. It’s also a time where charitable projects are discussed and implemented.

Hammad Shamis al Rawahi

Senior surveyor

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims. It encourages us to deepen family and community ties. It is also known as the month of giving. So, there are a lot of charitable causes to get involved with.

Bader al Harthy

Government employee

It does inspire me to be a better person and I try to divide this time praying and reading Q’uran. The Taraweeh or the special prayers performed during Ramadan are also a great time to get close to God. I support the poor, visit relatives and attend spiritual lectures. I also go on walks and indulge in photography.

How does your daily routine change during the holy month?

Zuhair Mehendi al Balushi

Finance officer

Yes, daily routine changes a lot. During Ramadan, we fast every day from dawn to sunset. We indulge in extra prayers, charity and read Q’uran. I enjoy this time of the year as I get more time to be with my family. I also meditate a lot during the holy month.

Tahra Issa al Ajmi

Marketing executive

Our daily routine goes through a massive change as we tend to be less energetic during the day due to fasting. Since working hours are less, we get to spend more time with our family. I get to rest more, cook more and spend more time with the family and have iftars. I also spend more time praying. This holy month is not all about food and sleeping late. We should value these days as it teaches kindness towards others.

Shijas Rahman

Marketing manager

Daily routine undergoes immense change but it is welcome. We wait for this time. We wake up well before dawn to eat the first meal of the day so that we have the energy to last until sunset. Just because we are fasting we should not avoid work. Besides spending more time in prayers, this is also the time to strengthen one’s bond with family.

Ismail Hassan

Private sector employee

My routine does not change much. I go out on weekends for grocery shopping. Other than that mostly I stay at home after office and spend time with my family.

Shabana Ahmed


Ramadan is mostly about prayers and spending time with my family. Eating out or shopping extra is a big no-no in my house.

Hamed Alari

Private sector employee

Unlike other times of the year, during Ramadan at times I go out after iftar to spend time with friends. But no extra shopping or merry making. Yes, prayers are an important part of the holy month.

Do you think people are moving away from the teachings of Islam by indulging more in feasting rather than fasting in true spirit?

Adel al Fazari

Government employee

The holy month of Ramadan is an opportunity for Muslims to get close to God through prayers, reading Q’uran and performing Sunnah. Fasting is a means to understand the hunger of the underprivileged. Therefore, everyone should moderately eat and drink throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

Yahya Zakaria

Support manager Unfortunately, most families spend a lot of money preparing various kinds of food. This is a bad habit because Ramadan urges people to be moderate in all aspects of their lives. I think Ramadan is an opportunity for all of us to get rid of our bad habits.

Fawzi Abu Hadid

Author Ramadan urges Muslims to regulate their expenses during this period. It is also the month of forgiveness, mercy and moderation. I hope that families and companies are careful when preparing food while hosting iftars for large gatherings.

Musab al Jabri

Government employee As Ramadan is a month of togetherness, there are bound to be get-togethers and iftar gatherings and hence people go out more often. While a majority of people follow Ramadan in its true spirit, there are a few who spend the nights out which should be avoided. The better part of the month should be immersed in enhancing one’s spiritual experiences.

Yousuf al Balushi

Computer programmer Through generations, traditions change and evolve. With this, interests and motivations too vary. This is the reason newer things are acceptable to the younger generation and they find Ramadan the best time to socialise and have feasts.

Yusuf Mohamed al Balushi

Security staff Unfortunately, most families spend a lot of money preparing large quantities of food in Ramadan. This is also because each family organises one or more iftar get-togethers. Ramadan is the month of moderation and an opportunity to indulge in charity and giving.