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July 02, 2018

Promoting tourism

Q1. Oman has reintroduced short-term visa. How important do you think it is for the growth of tourism?

Sultan al Rawahi

Private sector employee

It is a good move as it will help increase the number of tourists to Oman. The hospitality sector too, will be able to recover from the current slump as more hotels and hotel apartments will be occupied. The move will open the market for Omanis especially during the khareef season.


Mohammed Eqab

School principal

The decision is very important as it will help attract many tourists to the sultanate. And this in turn will boost the national income.


Hamood al Hadrami

Private sector employee

The reintroduction of the short-term visa is a positive move which will help revive the tourism movement and also the local market. I hope, Oman becomes an attractive destination for tourists around the world. The sultanate has amazing and unique sites.


Adil al Balushi

Private sector employee

It is a boon for tourists as well as the tourism industry in the sultanate as more visitors would be taking advantage of the low visa cost and stop in Oman to see our beautiful country. Ease of visa access is one of the most important factors that affects people’s decision to visit a place, more so for those who travel on a tight budget.


Meer Waheed


This short-term visa at a very reasonable cost should attract a lot more tourists to the country than before. Along with the eVisa facility this should help in increasing the number of visitors to Oman. A majority of tourists visit the country for less than ten days, and hence this decision will save them a lot of money.


Faqeer al Balushi


The RO5 short-term visa would be a great deal for transit travellers who now wouldn’t miss the chance to see our beautiful country. The new airport, eVisa and now the ten-day visa will help increase transit passengers. This will be a boost to the aviation and tourism industry.


 Q2. For the first time, short-term visa can be obtained from Oman’s embassies/consulates. Will it be a game-changer for the tourism industry?


Tajul Islam

Private sector employee

This is indeed a great news for both Oman and travellers from other countries. The fee is quite reasonable and I am sure the process will be easy as well. It will be a massive game-changer for the industry and the economy of the sultanate.


Zahidul Rajib


I have not heard the news yet, but I am sure the move is great in attracting tourists from across the world. Earlier, only travellers from some countries could apply for visas. Now, anyone can apply with ease.


Imran Uddin


Short-term visa is a good idea and many countries in Europe too have the facility. I am sure this step will be a boon for those looking for a fast and short trip. This is a big step in boosting tourism. However, we also need to be aware and cautious about the kind of people who may gain entry with the help of this new rule and the purpose behind their visit.


Azzan Mohamed Albusaidi

Operations officer

Today, we see tourists who believe in spending less and also making it to a lot of places. They do not engage in long stay at one place. This ten-day visa is a blessing for them and also for the tourism industry. We have a lot of people who frequently visit Oman but they do not need it for a longer period. So anything that makes it easy for the tourist is a boon for the industry.


Dinabandhu Samal

Deputy general manager

Oman has lot of tourist places to offer. The reintroduction of the short-term visa is a positive sign for the tourism industry. This ten-day visa will help those people who travel on a slim budget.


Q2. What other initiatives can be adopted to promote tourism-related revenues in Oman, given the competition from other countries in the region?


Amrita Singh

Hotel employee

One cannot compare Oman’s picturesque natural landscape with the neighbouring countries. But travelling to Oman is very expensive, for example, the cruise activities and dolphin trips etc. There is a need to increase the entertainment options. We also need more routes for public buses as not everyone can afford taxis.


Saada al Tauqi

Telephone operator

Oman has a lot of beautiful tourist spots but they need to be properly marketed to the outside world. There is a need to ease the process of getting visas to enter Oman for everyone. There are many who want to visit Oman but the cumbersome visa process acts as a deterrent.


Mohsin Rashid


Oman has many places to visit but the developed locations are too expensive. Many hotels and resorts are highly priced. The authorities should develop places across the country. Oman should open up its market more for foreign investors especially in the tourism and entertainment industry.


Anamika Chettri

Private sector employee

Availability of visas should be made easier in order to further promote tourism and generate revenues for the country. No one would want to go through the complicated procedures while planning a vacation. Most travellers would visit countries that are easier to access.


Partha Chandra


I have many friends who prefer to visit Dubai (in the region) and I meet them there, as they find it tough to get visas to Oman. It is okay to have stringent regulations, but certain fields need to be eased so that more people can visit Oman. This will benefit the country.


Rini Paul


More budget hotels would benefit the people and in turn the country. Also, public transport needs to be developed further, as taxi fares are exorbitant. Oman is rich in beautiful landscapes and boasts of amazing hospitality. Anyone who visits once will like to come back again.

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