Your Say: Preventing fire accidents

October 08, 2018

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat

Should the authorities strictly ensure that building owners install fire and smoke detectors to prevent fire incidents? 

Yousef al Balushi

Computer programmer

Installation of fire and smoke detectors should be made mandatory, but before that authorities should ensure that the requisite equipment are affordable and easily available. Also, awareness campaigns on the installation of smoke detectors should be conducted.

Moneeb Omar


It should be made mandatory in phases. Commercial and multi-storied residential buildings should adopt it first and gradually it should be made mandatory for other houses as well. It is one of the ways which can save many lives and properties.

Mohammed Tariq

Sales manager It is fine to make it mandatory. But it may be an additional burden for landlords who at times find it hard to rent out their properties. Also, it will be more difficult to implement the rule for old houses and buildings, where landlords don’t want to invest anymore. 

Abdul Aziz al Kalbani

Government sector employee Yes, authorities should make it mandatory for all building owners to install fire and smoke detectors. People should also be made aware of the importance of buying good electrical appliances.

Ismail al Shaidi

Teacher The proposal to make it mandatory for building owners to install smoke detectors and fire alarms in all buildings and institutions is a good one. Fire accidents have increased in recent times and hence it is imperative that people are made aware of the precautions that should be taken.

Mohammed al Harthi

Teacher Yes, such moves are important to protect lives and property. Fire alarm systems, smoke detectors are a mandatory safety feature that should be implemented across the country if we want to ensure the safety of people.

Do you have a fire extinguisher and a blanket fitted at home? Do you make sure that they are maintained well?

Ashraf Thundiyil

Branch manager Yes, I know how to use fire extinguishers and fire blankets. Yes, it’s important that every person in the house knows how to use them.

Dhaigham Hassan Ali al Ajmi

Executive Yes, I think most homes are fitted with them. But, I doubt if everyone knows that it is mandatory to get them inspected regularly.

Said Sultan al Rashdi

Private sector employee Yes, it is important to know how these equipment work. Parents should also teach their children to use them. It’s good that the media is taking the initiative and creating awareness on the issue.

Suchismita Sahoo


Yes, our building owner has kept them in all flats. There are people who come over at regular intervals to check, clean and see that they are mounted at the right place. So, I have nothing to worry about. Have never chanced upon a situation where I would have to use them, but I too try and keep them clean as I do with other objects in my kitchen.

Santoshi Hota

Electrical engineer We have a fire blanket and an extinguisher fitted in our kitchen. They are provided to all houses in the building we stay in. Representatives from the company responsible for their upkeep come to check them and I too clean them regularly as a lot of grime settles on them due to cooking.

Dinkar Patil

Mechanical engineer Both the fire blanket and the extinguisher are maintained well. There are fire safety experts who come and check to see if they are functioning properly and if we know how to use them. So, we need not worry about their maintenance.

Do you have a fire extinguisher in your car? When was the last time you checked if it is in working condition?

Deepa Punjabi


Yes, I have a fire extinguisher in my car. Around three months back when I gave my car for servicing I had asked the service engineer to check if the fire extinguisher was working properly.

Aiman al Musallmi

Bank officer I have a fire extinguisher in my car and I strongly recommend one. I got my car serviced just ten days ago. I always take care of my vehicle and take them only to authorised service centres.

Waheed al Hanaei


I don’t have a fire extinguisher in my car and I am aware that it is both dangerous as well as illegal. Until now I have not encountered any problems, but I will soon have one. However, I regularly service my car.

Asad Abdullah al Batashi

Government employee Yes, I have an extinguisher but to be honest I never check it. I know it is very important to check and maintain it regularly. It is high time we all started installing fire extinguishers on priority given the increasing number of fire accidents.

Abdulaziz Hamed al Hashami

Military officer I don’t have a fire extinguisher in my car. It was not there at the time I bought a car, and I never bothered to install one. I know it is important to have one. The authorities should also look into the matter and enforce it.

Nasser Jamal al Kindi

Student Yes, I have a fire extinguisher in my car and I see that it is maintained regularly. A fire extinguisher is a safety device that everyone should consider mandatory. I advise all vehicle owners to have extinguishers and always check them regularly to see if they work properly.