Your say: Our small screens are our big prisons

February 25, 2019

Through the constant developments in the world and the vast improvement of technology, this world has gotten smaller and is now in our hands. We live through a series of events around the world through our small screens which have become our big prisons, captivating all our attention.

We have minimized and quickened our interactions which make us happy, but in the real world it is not so because we see each other’s faces. Our feelings have been reduced to just one small message, our fatherhood in a simple tweet and our motherhood on a clip not exceeding more than ten seconds.

We cook the food not just for the sake of eating, but rather to “act for the cameras”. We give importance to recording the moments more than to living them. There are many portable and available books, but we do not read. We depend on device memories more than our brain memory. Holding and depending on our devices, we do not care about our children most of the time, so they are in search of others to chat, listen and play with. Being confused by many things in real life, we lose our selves in these small screens. All of this has resulted in many loop holes in our social interaction among family and friends. It goes without saying that we cannot live life in the absence of these devices.

Most studies indicate over exposure of these devices. Approximately, 27 hours of video feed are downloaded on YouTube each minute. In addition, there are about 277, 000 tweets on twitter and about 347, 000 photos shared via WhatsApp. All of these statistics happen in one minute in a day, so just imagine the number in 24 hours.

Social media users spend about 20 minutes of their working hours losing themselves into those small screens which means more than a third of their time is wasted. The BAYLOR University did research that shows social media, especially Facebook spreads hatred between the different categories of the society due to the fact that people spread many videos and images including inappropriate content. However, it doesn’t mean that is the end. We can be better by living a real life in which we feel the bonds between each other. We can rebuild strong social connections and try to build strong relations among family members. It is never too late for us to launch a new beginning where we can give enough time to our friends, families, work and ourselves.


Maeen Said Salim Al Shuaili

Student of CAS-Ibri College